Preventing the Derivation of Debug

bindgen will attempt to derive the Debug traits on a best-effort basis. Sometimes, it might not understand that although adding #[derive(Debug)] to a translated type definition will compile, it still shouldn‘t do that for reasons it can’t know. In these cases, the nodebug annotation can be used to prevent bindgen to autoderive the Debug traits for a type.


Command Line

  • --no-debug <regex>


 * Although bindgen can't know, this enum is not safe to format the output.
 * the value may be combined with multiple bits in many C/C++ cases,
 * for example:
 * <div rustbindgen nodebug></div>
enum AVRounding {
    AV_ROUND_ZERO     = 0,
    AV_ROUND_INF      = 1,
    AV_ROUND_DOWN     = 2,
    AV_ROUND_UP       = 3,

// Prototype
int64_t av_rescale_rnd(int64_t a, int64_t b, int64_t c, enum AVRounding) av_const;

// Call
int64_t pts = av_rescale_rnd(40000, 3600, 90000, AV_ROUND_NEAR_INF | AV_ROUND_PASS_MINMAX);