Released 2021/04/06


  • Re-introduced unintentionally removed bindgen::Builder::whitelist_recursively (deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::allowlist_recursively). [#2022][]


Released 2021/04/03


  • Add option to translate enum integer types to native Rust integer types. [#2004][]
  • Add callback to check derives for blocklisted types. [#2007][]
  • Add a flag to ensure all symbols are resolved when a library is loaded. [#2013][]
  • Add from_library for generated dynamic library structs [#2011][].




  • bindgen::Builder::whitelist_type is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::allowlist_type. [#1812][]

  • bindgen::Builder::whitelist_function is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::allowlist_function. [#1812][]

  • bindgen::Builder::whitelist_var is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::allowlist_var. [#1812][]

  • --whitelist-type is deprecated in favor of --allowlist-type. [#1812][]

  • --whitelist-function is deprecated in favor of --allowlist-function. [#1812][]

  • --whitelist-var is deprecated in favor of --allowlist-var. [#1812][]

  • bindgen::Builder::blacklist_type is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::blocklist_type. [#1812][]

  • bindgen::Builder::blacklist_function is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::blocklist_function. [#1812][]

  • bindgen::Builder::blacklist_item is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::blocklist_item. [#1812][]

  • --blacklist-type is deprecated in favor of --blocklist-type. [#1812][]

  • --blacklist-function is deprecated in favor of --blocklist-function. [#1812][]

  • --blacklist-item is deprecated in favor of --blocklist-item. [#1812][]





Released 2021/02/01


  • Expose module-raw-lines to the CLI (#1936)
  • Added an option to fit macro constants to smaller types (#1945)
  • Add an option to respect C++ access specifiers on fields (#1968)


  • Improved C++ auto-detection (#1933)
  • Fixed layout of bitfields in some edge cases (#1950)
  • Escape the dyn keyword properly (#1951)
  • Use absolute paths for unsaved files passed to clang (#1857).


Released 2020/11/26


  • Objective-c bindings generate From<ChildClass> for ParentClass as well as TryFrom<ParentClass> for ChildClass (#1883).
  • Experimental dynamic library support via dynamic_library_name (#1846).
  • Option to disable deriving Default on a per-struct basis (#1930).


  • Objective-c bindings borrow self rather than take ownership (#1883).
  • Templates and enums now correctly use the same naming scheme as other types (#1891).


  • Constructors in wasm32 now return a value. (#1877).
  • Fixed objective-c protocol impl blocks for parent classes's protocols (#1883).


Released 2020/08/24.


  • Fixed a regression where anonymous enums referenced by members or such won't generate valid Rust code. (#1882).


Released 2020/08/23.


  • Support for libclang 3.8 has been removed (#1830).


  • Added options to avoid deriving the Debug trait (#1858).

  • Added options to allow to override the default anonymous field prefix (#1859).

  • Added options to allow to override the default macro integer type from the command line (#1863).


  • Typed anonymous enums now generate better code (#1850).

  • Objective-C bindings are more idiomatic now (#1847).

  • Updated to clang-sys 1.0. Minimum supported rust version is 1.40 as a consequence of that change.


  • Fixed constness of multi-dimensional arrays in some cases (#1861).

  • Fixed wrong target given to clang when compiling with a target which doesn't match the target clang expects (#1870, #1878).

  • Fixed wrong flags being computed for cross-compilation cases where the target wasn't explicitly provided via clang flags (#1872).

Thanks again to all the awesome contributors that sent patches included in this release!


Released 2020/07/06.

Yanked: The change in #1798 is technically breaking, see PR for details.


  • Added ParseCallbacks::func_macro to be able to process function-like macros. (#1792).

  • Allowed IntKind::Custom to represent paths instead of idents (#1800).


  • Generated comment now includes the bindgen version, and can be disabled (#1814).

  • Various documentation improvements.


  • Typedefs for types with the same names as rust primitive types compiles (#1798).

  • Bindgen dependencies will now get rebuilt when various environment variables that affect bindgen change (#1809, #1813).

  • Various fixes to command_line_flags (#1816, #1819, #1821).

  • Functions that start with operator now get properly generated (#1817).

Thanks to all the awesome contributors that sent patches included in this release!


Released 2020/05/21.


  • New command line flag to allow disabling untagged unions (#1789).


  • Various documentation improvements (#1764, #1751, #1757).
  • Better Objective-C support (#1722, #1750).


  • Rust method wrappers are not emitted for blacklisted functions (#1775).
  • Fixed function signatures in some edge cases involving Objective-C or __stdcall (#1781).


Released 2020/05/21.

Note: This release contains the same fixes and additions as 0.54.0, but without the Objective-C breaking changes


  • New command line flag to allow disabling untagged unions (#1789).


  • Rust method wrappers are not emitted for blacklisted functions (#1775).
  • Fixed function signatures in some edge cases involving Objective-C or __stdcall (#1781).


Released 2020/03/10.


  • clang-sys and cexpr have been updated (#1741 and #1744).
  • Runtime of some commands has been improved (#1737)
  • Some error messages have been improved (#1734).


Released 2020/02/03.


  • Opt-in to convert size_t to usize again (#1720).


Released 2020/02/02.


  • Support for wasm_import_module. (#1691).
  • non_exhaustive feature is now stable (#1698).
  • Various objective-C improvements (#1702).


  • Removed size_t to usize conversion rule (#1688).


  • Various unneeded padding fields shouldn't be generated anymore (#1710).
  • Bitfields on packed structs should generate correct layout (#1717).
  • Too large bitfield blocks now generate compiling code (#1719).


Released 2019/11/19.


  • Added newtype enum style, much like bitfield but without the bitwise ops (#1677).
  • Added support for MaybeUninit rather than mem::uninitialized() (#1666).
  • Allowed static linking (#1620) behind a feature. Note that if you're using default-features = false, you probably want to use the "runtime" feature to get the same behavior as before.


  • Use c_void from core when --use-core is specified and available (#1634).
  • Various dependencies and features are non-default now (like regex unicode features).


  • Fixed crash when unknown keywords are used before a namespace (#1678).
  • Do not generate implementation for clone for flexible array members (#1664).
  • Fixed #[must_use] support for libclang 9+ (#1646).
  • Fixed BitfieldUnit constructor to handle 64 bit wide bitfields on 32 bit (#1640).
  • Added a ParseCallbacks handler for included files. (#1637).


Released 2019/09/23.


  • Mismatched Ord and PartialOrd implementations were fixed, which regresses bindgen in funny ways when using rustc nightly. Dot releases for a few of the previous versions of bindgen will be created with this fix. Also, a v0.51.1-oldsyn version was uploaded without the syn update. #1627


  • Syn and related dependencies have been updated. #1611

  • Switches added to allow less dependencies. In particular: It won‘t pull failure and related dependencies by default, and there’s a default-on which-rustfmt feature which allows to get rid of which altogether. #1615 / #1625

  • fxhash dependency was switched to rustc-hash. #1626


Released 2019/07/26.


  • Improve workaround for LLVM stack overflow when evaluating value-dependent expressions. #1591

  • Bindgen will properly detect the layout of incomplete arrays. #1592

  • Bindgen will properly detect the layout of empty unions and forward declarations of unions. #1593 and #1595. Thanks @pmarks!


  • Refactored the way layout of wchar_t is computed. This is a breaking change since IntKind::WChar (exposed in ParseCallbacks) no longer needs a size member. #1596


  • Bindgen now reads RUSTFMT in the environment to try to find a suitable rustfmt binary. #1602


Released 2019/07/01.


  • Fixed pointers to Objective C blocks #1582.

  • Various bindgen auto-generated types are now constructible in const fn contexts #1571

  • It is possible to generate #[non_exhaustive] enums for rust nightly targets. #1575

  • It is possible to avoid building clap now if you're using bindgen as a library. #1581.


Released 2019/06/25. YANKED


  • Various bindgen auto-generated types are now constructible in const fn contexts #1571

  • It is possible to generate #[non_exhaustive] enums for rust nightly targets. #1575

  • It is possible to avoid building clap now if you're using bindgen as a library. #1581.


Released 2019/05/22


  • Bindgen now has an option to generate array arguments as pointer to the array, not to the element (so void foo(int arr[2]) would be generated as arr: *mut [c_int; 2] rather than arr: *mut c_int. Thanks @elichai! #1564.


Released 2019/05/16


  • Bindgen will not emit #[link_name] attributes in win32 and macos for C functions and constants where it can detect it's not needed (thanks @michaelwoerister!). #1558


  • Bindgen will no longer use hashbrown internally, and will use fxhash and std::HashMap. This is equivalent for newer rustcs since hashbrown was merged in libstd, and the performance difference should be close to zero for older rustcs.


Released 2019/03/27


  • BINDGEN_EXTRA_CLANG_ARGS environment variable was added (thanks @jhwgh1968!). #1537


  • Bindgen will properly name parameters inside nested function pointer declarations (thanks @flowbish!). #1535


  • Derive code was greatly improved by @jethrogb. #1540
  • Derive analysis now handles trivial types more gracefully. #1492
  • clang-sys was updated by @eclipseo. [#1539][]
  • bindgen should now get include paths correctly even when --target is specified. The detect_include_paths option can be used to opt-out of this behavior.


Released 2019/03/06


  • Bindgen will properly lay out types that use reference members. #1531


Released 2019/03/04


  • Default rust target was changed to 1.33, which means that bindgen can get much more often the layout of structs right. #1529


  • Bindgen will output repr(align) just when needed for unions. #1498


Released 2020/11/13


  • Backported BINDGEN_EXTRA_CLANG_ARGS support per request (#1910).


Released 2019/02/25


  • Allowed to build with which 1.0.


Released 2019/02/22


  • @flowbish fixed code generation for nested function prototypes. #1508
  • Some complex C++ constructs no longer panic on code generation #1513
  • Implicit template parameters are now appended to base classes #1515
  • @flier fixed single-argument block pointers #1519
  • Bindgen won't panic when parsing an undeduced auto type #1525


Released 2019/02/02


  • @luser improved the error message when rustfmt cannot be found #1501


  • Reverted clang-sys update for regressions #1505


Released 2019/01/19


  • #pragma pack(n) is now translated to #[repr(C, packed(n))] when targeting Rust 1.33+. #537
  • Bitfield enums now use #[repr(transparent)] instead of #[repr(C)] when targeting Rust 1.28+. #1474


  • #[repr(packed)] is now properly added if the struct only contains a vtable. #1495
  • clang-sys should now more accurately find libclang versions when multiple of them are available. #1489

0.33.1 .. 0.46.0


(Just a sneak peek, since a lot of stuff has changed :D)


  • APIs to add lines to specific rust modules / C++ namespaces exist now. #1307


  • The link options (link, link_framework, link_static) have been removed. They did nothing already, see #104


  • Associated constants are used now for bitfield enums when available. #1166
  • New versions of a bunch of dependencies (syn / quote / etc.).


  • Better target information from clang to properly generate types when cross-compiling #1289.
  • Pointer constness was fixed in a bunch of cases when using int const* and such. #1311 #1312.
  • Bitfields now work properly on big-endian machines. #1340
  • wchar_t layout works properly now. #1345
  • Functions can be blacklisted now. #1364
  • ... Lot's more!


Released 2018/02/14


  • Reverted the dependency update to quote = "0.4" and addition of the proc_macro2 dependency. The proc_macro2 crate depends on rustc internal libraries, which means that CLIs which use it must be run under rustup, which is not acceptable for bindgen. #1248



Released 2018/01/22


  • Avoid symbol generation for pure virtual functions. #1197
  • Handling of _Complex _Float128. #1087
  • Regression on code generation for variadic functions. #1216
  • Enum code generation generates conflicting repr hint warning. #1224
  • Constified code generation for enums with an explicit type of bool. #1145
  • Bindgen will now call rustfmt directly instead of via rustup. #1184


Released 2017/12/18


  • When translating C/C++ enums into Rust enums using rustified_enum / --rustified-enum, properly add #[repr(C)] to the emitted enum. #1183


Released 2017/12/08


  • Added support for bit-field allocation units that are larger than 64 bits wide. Note that individual bit-fields within such units are still restricted to being no wider than 64 bits. #1158

  • We can now generate random C header files and test that bindgen can process them with the quickcheck crate. Initial support landed in [#1159][] with a few more additions in follow up pull requests.


  • The bindgen::Builder::{constified_enum_module,{bitfield,rustified}_enum} builder methods and their corresponding CLI flags now compare their argument to the C/C++ enum's “canonical path”, which includes leading namespaces, rather than its “canonical name”, which does not. This is a breaking change that requires callers which target a namespaced C++ enum to call e.g. bitfield_enum("<namespace>::<enum_name>") rather than e.g. bitfield_enum("<enum_name>"). #1162

  • When a struct is packed to a smaller alignment that is still greater than one, bindgen cannot emit Rust bindings that match the input source. Before, it would emit #[repr(packed)] anyways, which packs to an alignment of one, but this can lead to misalignment and UB. Now, bindgen will detect these situations and convert the struct into an opaque blob of bytes with the proper alignment. We are eagerly awaiting support for #[repr(packed(N))] in Rust. #1136


  • There was a perfect storm of conditions that could cause bindgen not to emit any bindings if spawning rustfmt to format the bindings failed. This is now fixed. #1112

  • In some circumstances, bindgen would emit type parameters twice for references to template instantiations. This is now fixed. #1113

  • When a C/C++ struct had a field named with a Rust keyword, and impl_debug was enabled, the generated impl Debug for ... blocks could reference the field by the Rust keyword name, rather than the non-keyword field name we actually end up generating. This is now fixed. #1123

  • There was a regression in 0.31.0 where C++ template aliases to opaque types would sometimes not treat the aliased type as opaque. This is now fixed. #1118

  • There was a regression in 0.31.0 that could cause bindgen to panic when parsing nested template classes. This is now fixed. #1127

  • Unnamed bit-fields do not affect alignment of their struct or class in C/C++, however bindgen interpreted them as doing so, which could generate #[repr(C)] structs expecting to have an incorrect alignment. This is now fixed. #1076

  • When a zero-sized type was used in a bit-field, bindgen could divide-by-zero. This is now fixed. #1137

  • When a template parameter is used in a bit-field, bindgen would panic. This is now fixed. #1140

  • There was a regression in 0.31.0 where if bindgen was given a header file that did not exist, it would panic. This is now fixed, and it will instead properly report the error. #1146

  • In some cases, generated bit-field getters and setters could access memory beyond self. This is now fixed. [#954][]


Released 2017/10/27


  • 🎉 A new bindgen reviewer: @pepyakin 🎉 You can ask @pepyakin to review all your future pull requests with r? @pepyakin from now on 😄

  • Timers for seeing which phases bindgen is spending its time in. On the command line, use the --time-phases flag. From a builder, use the bindgen::Builder::time_phases(true) method. #938

  • You can now disable #[derive(Copy)] for all types with --no-derive-copy and bindgen::Builder::derive_copy(false). #948

  • We now have an overview of bindgen's code base and architecture for newcomers in CONTRIBUTING.md. #988

  • Derive PartialOrd with the --with-derive-partialord CLI flag or bindgen::Builder::derive_partialord(true) builder method. #882

  • Derive Ord with the --with-derive-ord CLI flag or bindgen::Builder::derive_ord(true) builder method. #884

  • When PartialEq cannot be derived because of an array larger than Rust's array-derive limit, bindgen can emit an impl PartialEq for ... block. Enable this behavior with the --impl-partialeq CLI flag or the bindgen::Builder::impl_partialeq(true) method. #1012

  • When deriving PartialEq for all types, you can now specify particular types that shouldn't derive(PartialEq) with the --no-partialeq <regex> CLI flag or bindgen::Builder::no_partialeq("<regex>") builder method. #996

  • Specify types that should not derive Copy with the --no-copy <regex> CLI flag or bindgen::Builder::no_copy("<regex>") builder method. This functionality was previously only available via comment annotations in the header sources. #1099

  • When deriving Hash for all types, you can now specify particular types that shouldn't derive(Hash) with the --no-hash <regex> CLI flag or bindgen::Builder::no_hash("<regex>") builder method. #1105

  • The bindgen users guide now has an FAQ section! If you have any FAQ suggestions to put up there, please open a pull request. [#1020][]

  • Added csmith fuzzing infrastructure. csmith generates random C and C++ programs, we feed those into bindgen as headers to generate bindings to, then test that the generated bindings compile and that their layout tests pass. This infrastructure landed in many small bits.

    We <3 folks who help us find and fix issues via fuzzing! hint hint

  • Added experimental support for the thiscall ABI when targetting Rust nightly. #1065


  • If the user does not explicitly pass a --target argument for libclang, bindgen will insert such an argument itself. See #942, #947, and #953 for details.

  • C/C++ enums are now translated into constants by default, rather than Rust enums. The old behavior was a big footgun because rustc assumes that the only values of an enum are its variants, whereas a lot of C/C++ code uses random values as enums. Put these two things and it leads to undefined behavior. Translating C/C++ enums into Rust enums is still available with the --rustified-enum <regex> CLI flag and bindgen::Builder::rustified_enum("<regex>") builder method. #758

  • Generated bindings are now pretty printed with rustfmt by default. Previously, this option existed, but was off by default because syntex did an OK job at pretty printing the bindings. Now that we are using quote! { ... } instead of syntex, we lost that pretty printing, and now rely on rustfmt. You can disable rustfmting with --no-rustfmt-bindings or bindgen::Builder::rustfmt_bindings(false). See #925 and #1022 for details.


  • bindgen::Builder::hide_type is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::blacklist_type. #987

  • bindgen::Builder::whitelisted_type is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::whitelist_type. #987

  • bindgen::Builder::whitelisted_function is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::whitelist_function. #985

  • bindgen::Builder::whitelisted_var is deprecated in favor of bindgen::Builder::whitelist_var. #989


  • Removed the dependency on (unmaintained) syntex, and build times are cut in half!


    $ cargo clean; cargo build
        Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 98.75 secs


    $ cargo clean; cargo build
        Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 46.26 secs


  • The BindgenOptions type is no longer public. It had been deprecated in previous releases. Use bindgen::Builder instead. #1000


  • Under certain conditions, a globally scoped enum could end up with bindings in the wrong namespace module. #888

  • Blacklisted types were incorrectly assumed to always be Copyable (and assumed to implement other traits as well). bindgen is now conservatively pessimistic about the traits that blacklisted types implement. #944

  • When bitfields have a ridiculously large number of bits (for example, unsigned : 632;) then bindgen was incorrectly deriving traits that couldn't be derived, resulting in errors when compiling the bindings, and was also generating structs with an incorrect layout. Both issues have been fixed. #982

  • _ is a valid identifier in some C++ contexts, but can't be referenced in Rust, as it is the “throwaway identifier” (a term I just made up, if you use it now, then you owe me money). bindgen will now translate _ into __ so that it can be used on the Rust side. #1008

  • Nested class definitions were sometimes being emitted in the wrong namespace module in the generated bindings. #1048

  • bindgen was mis-handling unions that contained bitfield members. This has been fixed. #744

  • Unsigned constants that were greater than u32::MAX were being mis-translated by bindgen. This is now fixed. #1040

  • When given a directory as an input file, or a file to which we don't have read permissions, then bindgen will print a more useful error message now. #1029

  • bindgen previously attempted to derive Hash for structures with flexibly-sized array members, but knowing how many elements exist in such arrays requires program-specific knowledge that bindgen cannot have. #1094


Released 2017/08/28


  • Explicit control over choosing which Rust version (specific stable versions or nightly Rust) to target. This defaults to the latest stable Rust version. #832
    // or `.rust_target(bindgen::RustTarget::Nightly)` to use unstable features


$ bindgen --rust-target 1.19
# or `--rust-target nightly` to use unstable features
  • Started adding derive(Copy) for large arrays of Copy things, even when the array is too large to derive(Clone) because Rust doesn't implement Clone for arrays of length greater than 32. #874

  • bindgen can now determine which types are hashable and add derive(Hash) to those types that support it. This is disabled by default, but can be enabled via bindgen::Builder::derive_hash or --with-derive-hash. #876

  • bindgen can now generate impl Debug for Blah trait implementations for types that contain non-Debug types, and therefore cannot derive(Debug). This behavior can be enabled with bindgen::Builder::impl_debug and --impl-debug. #875

  • bindgen can now invoke rustfmt on the generated bindings. The bindings have historically been fairly pretty printed, but sometimes this is not the case, especially with the new impl Debug for Blah feature. Have bindgen run rustfmt with bindgen::Builder::rustfmt_bindings and --rustfmt-bindings, and use non-default rustfmt configuration files with bindgen::Builder::rustfmt_configuration_file and --rustfmt-configuration-file. #900

  • bindgen can now determine which types can be compared with == and add derive(PartialEq) to those types that support it. This is disabled by default, but can be enabled via bindgen::Builder::derive_partialeq or --with-derive-partialeq. #878

  • Additionally, bindgen can also add derive(Eq) to those types which we determined we could derive(PartialEq) and do not transitively contain any floats. Enable this behavior with bindgen::Builder::derive_eq or --with-derive-eq. #880


  • Started emitting Rust unions when targeting stable Rust >= 1.19, not just unstable nightly Rust. #832

  • Emitted layout #[test]s no longer contain internal IDs for template instantiations including pointers and arrays. This should make generated bindings more stable across updates to unrelated parts of the input headers. #871

  • Determining whether a type can derive Copy or not was ported from an ad-hoc algorithm to our fix-point framework. #766

  • Determining whether a type has a destructor or not was also ported from an ad-hoc algorithm to our fix-point framework. #927


  • bindgen::Builder::unstable_rust/--unstable-rust is deprecated, in favor of targeting explicit Rust versions with bindgen::Builder::rust_target/--rust-target instead. #832


  • Fixed a regression in the derive(Default) analysis that resulted in some opaque types deriving Default when they shouldn't have. #889

  • Fixed a regression where template instantiation layout #[test]s were being generated with invalid Rust identifiers. #906


Released 2017/07/31


  • “Constified enum modules” translating C/C++ enums into constants within a module for namespacing, rather than mangling the name of the generated constants.

    For example, it turns this:

    // bindgen-flags: --constified-enum-module PetKind
    enum PetKind {
    struct Pet {
        PetKind kind;
        char* noise;

    Into this:

    /* automatically generated by rust-bindgen */
    pub mod PetKind {
        pub type Type = ::std::os::raw::c_uint;
        pub const Doggo: Type = 0;
        pub const Kitty: Type = 1;
        pub const Hamster: Type = 2;
    #[derive(Debug, Copy)]
    pub struct Pet {
        pub kind: PetKind::Type,
        pub noise: *mut ::std::os::raw::c_char,

    The default translation strategy for enums will generate constants with names like PetKind_Hamster instead.

    Use bindgen::Builder::constified_enum_module or --constified-enum-module.

  • You can now mark particular template instantiations as “opaque”, so that bindgen emits a blob of bytes with the correct size and alignment rather than creating generic Rust types. This is useful as a workaround for when a template has a specialization for the given type arguments, which bindgen does not yet support. Previously, it was all of a templates' instantiations would be opaque or none of them would be. Use bindgen::Builder::opaque_type("SomeTemplate<Foo, Bar>") or --opaque-type "SomeTemplate<Foo, Bar>".

  • Added the ability to preprocess and dump the input headers given to bindgen to a file. This should make creating reproducible, system independent, standalone test cases much easier! Bring on the new issues! Use bindgen::Builder::dump_preprocessed_input or --dump-preprocessed-input.

  • We now use a fix-point analysis to determine whether any given type can derive Debug, or whether it has an explicit virtual table pointer. Previously we were using an ad-hoc algorithm that had at various times suffered from things like going into infinite loops when coming across cycles. Hopefully those kinds of bugs are a thing of the past! #767 #765



  • No longer generating layout tests for template instantiations using type arguments that we didn't generate bindings for (which then caused compilation errors). #679

  • Fixed function name mangling when cross compiling bindings for iOS. #776

  • Don‘t include parent inline namespaces’ names in types' names. Names of types from some STLs were showing up like std___cxx11_basic_string when they should have been std_basic_string. #789

  • Fixed a bug where we wouldn‘t generate type definitions for some types referenced by an opaque type’s methods, causing compilation errors. #807

  • Fixed function name mangling issues for win32 targets. #819

  • Fixed a bug where bindgen was generating a generic type alias that didn't use its type parameter, which is illegal Rust code and caused compilation errors. #820

  • The generated size, alignment, and field offset unit tests now have stable names rather than sometimes including an internal identifier which is inherently unstable. This was causing unnecessary diffs when folks were checking in new versions of bindings into their VCS. #394

  • Fixed a bug where we would try and derive(Debug, Default) on structs that had padding like [u8; 33], which is larger than the largest array length for which Rust will derive traits. This would cause compilation errors when compiling the emitted bindings. #648