Test Case

Insert your test case here, ideally in the form of Rust code that creates a graph.

Steps To Reproduce

Insert instructions for reproducing the bug with the above test case:

  • First, ...
  • Then, ...
  • ...

Bonus points if these STR are in the form of a #[test] that demonstrates the bug, and can be used as a regression test once the bug is fixed

Actual Results

Insert a panic backtrace here, or wrong answer, or whatever.

Expected Results

The correct result / behavior that you expect when following the STR with the test case. Maybe a None returned instead of a panic, or some node A instead of the node B that was returned.


A couple sentence summary of the requested feature.


What does adding this feature enable that isn't possible without it? Does it improve performance? Turn dynamic checks into statically enforced properties? Explain why this feature should be implemented.


  • What code needs to change? New traits? Which modules?

  • Is this a new graph algorithm? Include links to papers, Wikipedia, or other implementations of this algorithm that exist.

  • Are you willing to implement this yourself? Mentor someone else and help them implement it?