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Contributing to ``petgraph``
Hi! We'd love to have your contributions! If you want help or mentorship, reach
out to us in a GitHub issue, or ping ``bluss`` in `#rust on`_
and introduce yourself.
.. _`\#rust on`: irc://
* `Building`_
* `Testing`_
* `Pull Requests`_
* `Bug Fixes`_
* `Performance Improvements`_
* `Implementing New Algorithms`_
* `Where We Need Help`_
* `Team`_
$ cargo build
$ cargo test --features all
Pull Requests
All pull requests are reviewed by a team_ member before merging.
Additionally, different kinds of pull requests have different requirements.
Bug Fixes
We love getting bug fixes!
Make sure to include a regression test, so that we can be sure that we never
accidentally re-introduce the bug again.
Performance Improvements
You made an algorithm faster? Awesome.
When submitting performance improvement, include the following:
* A new ``#[bench]`` function that exercises this code path, if one doesn't
already exist
* Before and after ``cargo bench`` scores, optionally formatted using
.. _`cargo-benchcmp`:
Implementing New Algorithms
Implementing new graph algorithms is encouraged!
If you're going to implement a new algorithm, make sure that you do the
* Add a ``quickcheck`` property test for the new algorithm
* Add a ``benchmark`` test for measuring performance of the new algorithm
* Document what the algorithm does and in what situations it should be used
* Document the big-O running time of the algorithm
* Include links to relevant reading materials, such as a paper or Wikipedia
* Make the algorithm work with generic graphs, constraining the generic graph
type parameter with our existing graph traits, like ``Visitable``, or with new
graph traits
Any team_ member can review a pull request implementing a new algorithm, but the
final decision whether or not the algorithm is appropriate for inclusion in the
``petgraph`` crate is left to ``@bluss``.
Additionally, assuming that the new algorithm is merged into ``petgraph``, you
are *strongly* encouraged to join the ``petgraph`` team_! *You* are the best
person to review any future bug fixes, performance improvements, and whatever
other changes that affect this new algorithm.
Where We Need Help
* Issues labeled `"help wanted"`_ are issues where we could use a little help
from you.
* Issues Labeled `"mentored"`_ are issues that don't really involve any more
investigation, just implementation. We've outlined what needs to be done, and
a team_ member has volunteered to help whoever claims the issue implement it,
and get the implementation merged.
.. _`"help wanted"`:
.. _`"mentored"`:
The ``petgraph`` team consists of:
* ``@bluss``
* ``@fitzgen``
We need more team members to help spread out reviewing and maintenance
responsibilities — want to join us? `Drop a comment in this issue!`_
.. _`Drop a comment in this issue!`: