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use alloc::sync::Arc;
use core::fmt::Debug;
use petgraph_core::deprecated::edge::EdgeType;
use petgraph_proptest::{default::graph_strategy_from_vtable, vtable::VTable};
use proptest::{
arbitrary::Arbitrary, collection::SizeRange, prelude::BoxedStrategy, strategy::Strategy,
use crate::{GraphMap, NodeTrait};
fn add_edge_no_return<N, E, Ty>(graph: &mut GraphMap<N, E, Ty>, a: N, b: N, weight: E)
N: NodeTrait,
Ty: EdgeType,
graph.add_edge(a, b, weight);
// GraphMap does not implement `Create` or `Build`, so we need to use the vtable.
fn create_vtable<N, E, Ty>() -> VTable<GraphMap<N, E, Ty>, N, N, E>
N: NodeTrait,
Ty: EdgeType,
VTable {
with_capacity: GraphMap::with_capacity,
add_node: GraphMap::add_node,
add_edge: add_edge_no_return::<N, E, Ty>,
impl<N, E, Ty> Arbitrary for GraphMap<N, E, Ty>
N: NodeTrait + Arbitrary + Clone + Debug + 'static,
E: Arbitrary + Debug + 'static,
Ty: EdgeType + 'static,
type Parameters = ();
// impl Strategy<Value = Self> is nightly, and therefore not usable here.
// TODO: revisit once impl_trait_in_assoc_type is stable. (
type Strategy = BoxedStrategy<Self>;
fn arbitrary_with(_: Self::Parameters) -> Self::Strategy {
// creating a graphmap with usize::MAX is a bit excessive, so we use u8::MAX instead.
create_vtable::<N, E, Ty>(),
0..=(u8::MAX as usize),
Some(Arc::new(|max| {
SizeRange::new(0..=usize::min(max.pow(2), u8::MAX as usize))