Development Report for June 5, 2017

Daily Meeting

A daily meeting is hosted on slack every business day at 9am PST on the channel #moby-project. Lots of discussion happened during this meeting to kickstart the project, but now that we have the forums, we see less activity there. We are discussing the future of this meeting here, we will possibily move the meeting to weekly.

Topics discussed last week

The CLI split

Thanks to @tiborvass, the man pages, docs and completion scripts were imported to last week Once everything is finalised, we will remove them from

Find a good and non-confusing home for the remaining monolith

Discussion on this topic is still ongoing, and possible approaches are looked into. The active discussion has moved from GitHub to

Find a place for /pkg

Thanks to @dnephin this topic in on-going, you can follow progress here Many pkgs were reorganised last week, and more to come this week.


The builder dev report can be found here


The LinuxKit dev report can be found here