Development Report for May 15, 2017

Daily Meeting

A daily meeting is hosted on slack every business day at 9am PST on the channel #moby-project. During this meeting, we are talking about the tasks needed to be done for splitting moby and docker.

Topics discussed last week

The CLI split

Work is in progress to move the “opts” package to the docker/cli repository. The package, was merged into the docker/cli repository through docker/cli#82, preserving Git history, and parts that are not used in Moby have been removed through moby/moby#33198.

Find a good and non-confusing home for the remaining monolith

Discussion on this topic is still ongoing, and possible approaches are looked into. The active discussion has moved from GitHub to

Find a place for /pkg

Concerns were raised about moving packages to separate repositories, and it was decided to put some extra effort into breaking up / removing existing packages that likely are not good candidates to become a standalone project.

Update integration-cli tests

With the removal of the CLI from the moby repository, new pull requests will have to be tested using API tests instead of using the CLI. Discussion took place whether or not these tests should use the API client package, or be completely independent, and make raw HTTP calls.

A topic was created on the forum to discuss options: evolution of testing

Proposal: split & containerize hack/validate

@AkihiroSuda is proposing to split and containerize the hack/validate script and started a topic on the forum. An initial proposal to add validation functionality to vndr (the vendoring tool in use) was rejected upstream, so alternative approaches were discussed.

Special Interest Groups

A “SIG” category was created on the forums to provide a home for Special Interest Groups. The first SIG, LinuxKit Security was started (thanks @riyazdf).


The builder dev report can be found here