Development Report for May 08, 2017

Daily Meeting

A daily meeting is hosted on slack every business day at 9am PST on the channel #moby-project. During this meeting, we are talking about the tasks needed to be done for splitting moby and docker.

Topics discussed last week

The CLI split

The Docker CLI was successfully moved to last week thanks to @tiborvass The Docker CLI is now compiled from the Dockerfile

Mailing list

Discourse is available at thanks to @thaJeztah. mailing-list mode is enabled, so once you register there, you will received every new threads / messages via email. So far, 3 categories were created: Architecture, Meta & Support. The last step missing is to setup an email address to be able to start a new thread via email.

Find a place for /pkg

Lots of discussion and progress made on this topic thanks to @dnephin. Here is the list proposed to split/reorganize the pkgs.

Find a good and non-confusing home for the remaining monolith

@cpuguy83 is leading the effort here. It's still WIP but the way we are experimenting with is to reorganise directories within the moby/moby.


So far only work on the builder, by @tonistiigi, happened regarding the componentization effort.


The builder dev report can be found here