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package transport // import ""
import (
// httpTransport holds an http.RoundTripper
// and information about the scheme and address the transport
// sends request to.
type httpTransport struct {
scheme string
addr string
// NewHTTPTransport creates a new httpTransport.
func NewHTTPTransport(r http.RoundTripper, scheme, addr string) Transport {
return httpTransport{
RoundTripper: r,
scheme: scheme,
addr: addr,
// NewRequest creates a new http.Request and sets the URL
// scheme and address with the transport's fields.
func (t httpTransport) NewRequest(path string, data io.Reader) (*http.Request, error) {
req, err := newHTTPRequest(path, data)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
req.URL.Scheme = t.scheme
req.URL.Host = t.addr
return req, nil