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package authorization // import ""
import (
const (
// AuthZApiRequest is the url for daemon request authorization
AuthZApiRequest = "AuthZPlugin.AuthZReq"
// AuthZApiResponse is the url for daemon response authorization
AuthZApiResponse = "AuthZPlugin.AuthZRes"
// AuthZApiImplements is the name of the interface all AuthZ plugins implement
AuthZApiImplements = "authz"
// PeerCertificate is a wrapper around x509.Certificate which provides a sane
// encoding/decoding to/from PEM format and JSON.
type PeerCertificate x509.Certificate
// MarshalJSON returns the JSON encoded pem bytes of a PeerCertificate.
func (pc *PeerCertificate) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
b := pem.EncodeToMemory(&pem.Block{Type: "CERTIFICATE", Bytes: pc.Raw})
return json.Marshal(b)
// UnmarshalJSON populates a new PeerCertificate struct from JSON data.
func (pc *PeerCertificate) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error {
var buf []byte
if err := json.Unmarshal(b, &buf); err != nil {
return err
derBytes, _ := pem.Decode(buf)
c, err := x509.ParseCertificate(derBytes.Bytes)
if err != nil {
return err
*pc = PeerCertificate(*c)
return nil
// Request holds data required for authZ plugins
type Request struct {
// User holds the user extracted by AuthN mechanism
User string `json:"User,omitempty"`
// UserAuthNMethod holds the mechanism used to extract user details (e.g., krb)
UserAuthNMethod string `json:"UserAuthNMethod,omitempty"`
// RequestMethod holds the HTTP method (GET/POST/PUT)
RequestMethod string `json:"RequestMethod,omitempty"`
// RequestUri holds the full HTTP uri (e.g., /v1.21/version)
RequestURI string `json:"RequestUri,omitempty"`
// RequestBody stores the raw request body sent to the docker daemon
RequestBody []byte `json:"RequestBody,omitempty"`
// RequestHeaders stores the raw request headers sent to the docker daemon
RequestHeaders map[string]string `json:"RequestHeaders,omitempty"`
// RequestPeerCertificates stores the request's TLS peer certificates in PEM format
RequestPeerCertificates []*PeerCertificate `json:"RequestPeerCertificates,omitempty"`
// ResponseStatusCode stores the status code returned from docker daemon
ResponseStatusCode int `json:"ResponseStatusCode,omitempty"`
// ResponseBody stores the raw response body sent from docker daemon
ResponseBody []byte `json:"ResponseBody,omitempty"`
// ResponseHeaders stores the response headers sent to the docker daemon
ResponseHeaders map[string]string `json:"ResponseHeaders,omitempty"`
// Response represents authZ plugin response
type Response struct {
// Allow indicating whether the user is allowed or not
Allow bool `json:"Allow"`
// Msg stores the authorization message
Msg string `json:"Msg,omitempty"`
// Err stores a message in case there's an error
Err string `json:"Err,omitempty"`