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package archive // import ""
import (
// fixVolumePathPrefix does platform specific processing to ensure that if
// the path being passed in is not in a volume path format, convert it to one.
func fixVolumePathPrefix(srcPath string) string {
return longpath.AddPrefix(srcPath)
// getWalkRoot calculates the root path when performing a TarWithOptions.
// We use a separate function as this is platform specific.
func getWalkRoot(srcPath string, include string) string {
return filepath.Join(srcPath, include)
// CanonicalTarNameForPath returns platform-specific filepath
// to canonical posix-style path for tar archival. p is relative
// path.
func CanonicalTarNameForPath(p string) (string, error) {
// windows: convert windows style relative path with backslashes
// into forward slashes. Since windows does not allow '/' or '\'
// in file names, it is mostly safe to replace however we must
// check just in case
if strings.Contains(p, "/") {
return "", fmt.Errorf("Windows path contains forward slash: %s", p)
return strings.Replace(p, string(os.PathSeparator), "/", -1), nil
// chmodTarEntry is used to adjust the file permissions used in tar header based
// on the platform the archival is done.
func chmodTarEntry(perm os.FileMode) os.FileMode {
//perm &= 0755 // this 0-ed out tar flags (like link, regular file, directory marker etc.)
permPart := perm & os.ModePerm
noPermPart := perm &^ os.ModePerm
// Add the x bit: make everything +x from windows
permPart |= 0111
permPart &= 0755
return noPermPart | permPart
func setHeaderForSpecialDevice(hdr *tar.Header, name string, stat interface{}) (err error) {
// do nothing. no notion of Rdev, Nlink in stat on Windows
func getInodeFromStat(stat interface{}) (inode uint64, err error) {
// do nothing. no notion of Inode in stat on Windows
// handleTarTypeBlockCharFifo is an OS-specific helper function used by
// createTarFile to handle the following types of header: Block; Char; Fifo
func handleTarTypeBlockCharFifo(hdr *tar.Header, path string) error {
return nil
func handleLChmod(hdr *tar.Header, path string, hdrInfo os.FileInfo) error {
return nil
func getFileUIDGID(stat interface{}) (idtools.IDPair, error) {
// no notion of file ownership mapping yet on Windows
return idtools.IDPair{0, 0}, nil