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package libcontainerd // import ""
import (
opengcs ""
// Summary contains a ProcessList item from HCS to support `top`
type Summary hcsshim.ProcessListItem
// Stats contains statistics from HCS
type Stats struct {
Read time.Time
HCSStats *hcsshim.Statistics
func interfaceToStats(read time.Time, v interface{}) *Stats {
return &Stats{
HCSStats: v.(*hcsshim.Statistics),
Read: read,
// Resources defines updatable container resource values.
type Resources struct{}
// LCOWOption is a CreateOption required for LCOW configuration
type LCOWOption struct {
Config *opengcs.Config
// Checkpoint holds the details of a checkpoint (not supported in windows)
type Checkpoint struct {
Name string
// Checkpoints contains the details of a checkpoint
type Checkpoints struct {
Checkpoints []*Checkpoint