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// +build !windows
package main
import (
func (s *DockerSwarmSuite) TestSwarmVolumePlugin(c *check.C) {
d := s.AddDaemon(c, true, true)
out, err := d.Cmd("service", "create", "--detach", "--no-resolve-image", "--mount", "type=volume,source=my-volume,destination=/foo,volume-driver=customvolumedriver", "--name", "top", "busybox", "top")
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil, check.Commentf(out))
// Make sure task stays pending before plugin is available
waitAndAssert(c, defaultReconciliationTimeout, d.CheckServiceTasksInStateWithError("top", swarm.TaskStatePending, "missing plugin on 1 node"), checker.Equals, 1)
plugin := newVolumePlugin(c, "customvolumedriver")
defer plugin.Close()
// create a dummy volume to trigger lazy loading of the plugin
out, err = d.Cmd("volume", "create", "-d", "customvolumedriver", "hello")
// TODO(aaronl): It will take about 15 seconds for swarm to realize the
// plugin was loaded. Switching the test over to plugin v2 would avoid
// this long delay.
// make sure task has been deployed.
waitAndAssert(c, defaultReconciliationTimeout, d.CheckActiveContainerCount, checker.Equals, 1)
out, err = d.Cmd("ps", "-q")
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
containerID := strings.TrimSpace(out)
out, err = d.Cmd("inspect", "-f", "{{json .Mounts}}", containerID)
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
var mounts []struct {
Name string
Driver string
c.Assert(json.NewDecoder(strings.NewReader(out)).Decode(&mounts), checker.IsNil)
c.Assert(len(mounts), checker.Equals, 1, check.Commentf(out))
c.Assert(mounts[0].Name, checker.Equals, "my-volume")
c.Assert(mounts[0].Driver, checker.Equals, "customvolumedriver")
// Test network plugin filter in swarm
func (s *DockerSwarmSuite) TestSwarmNetworkPluginV2(c *check.C) {
testRequires(c, IsAmd64)
d1 := s.AddDaemon(c, true, true)
d2 := s.AddDaemon(c, true, false)
// install plugin on d1 and d2
pluginName := "aragunathan/global-net-plugin:latest"
_, err := d1.Cmd("plugin", "install", pluginName, "--grant-all-permissions")
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
_, err = d2.Cmd("plugin", "install", pluginName, "--grant-all-permissions")
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
// create network
networkName := "globalnet"
_, err = d1.Cmd("network", "create", "--driver", pluginName, networkName)
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
// create a global service to ensure that both nodes will have an instance
serviceName := "my-service"
_, err = d1.Cmd("service", "create", "--detach", "--no-resolve-image", "--name", serviceName, "--mode=global", "--network", networkName, "busybox", "top")
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
// wait for tasks ready
waitAndAssert(c, defaultReconciliationTimeout, reducedCheck(sumAsIntegers, d1.CheckActiveContainerCount, d2.CheckActiveContainerCount), checker.Equals, 2)
// remove service
_, err = d1.Cmd("service", "rm", serviceName)
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
// wait to ensure all containers have exited before removing the plugin. Else there's a
// possibility of container exits erroring out due to plugins being unavailable.
waitAndAssert(c, defaultReconciliationTimeout, reducedCheck(sumAsIntegers, d1.CheckActiveContainerCount, d2.CheckActiveContainerCount), checker.Equals, 0)
// disable plugin on worker
_, err = d2.Cmd("plugin", "disable", "-f", pluginName)
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
time.Sleep(20 * time.Second)
image := "busybox:latest"
// create a new global service again.
_, err = d1.Cmd("service", "create", "--detach", "--no-resolve-image", "--name", serviceName, "--mode=global", "--network", networkName, image, "top")
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil)
waitAndAssert(c, defaultReconciliationTimeout, d1.CheckRunningTaskImages, checker.DeepEquals,
map[string]int{image: 1})