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package main
import (
// unescapeBackslashSemicolonParens unescapes \;()
func unescapeBackslashSemicolonParens(s string) string {
re := regexp.MustCompile(`\\;`)
ret := re.ReplaceAll([]byte(s), []byte(";"))
re = regexp.MustCompile(`\\\(`)
ret = re.ReplaceAll([]byte(ret), []byte("("))
re = regexp.MustCompile(`\\\)`)
ret = re.ReplaceAll([]byte(ret), []byte(")"))
re = regexp.MustCompile(`\\\\`)
ret = re.ReplaceAll([]byte(ret), []byte(`\`))
return string(ret)
func regexpCheckUA(c *check.C, ua string) {
re := regexp.MustCompile("(?P<dockerUA>.+) UpstreamClient(?P<upstreamUA>.+)")
substrArr := re.FindStringSubmatch(ua)
c.Assert(substrArr, check.HasLen, 3, check.Commentf("Expected 'UpstreamClient()' with upstream client UA"))
dockerUA := substrArr[1]
upstreamUAEscaped := substrArr[2]
// check dockerUA looks correct
reDockerUA := regexp.MustCompile("^docker/[0-9A-Za-z+]")
bMatchDockerUA := reDockerUA.MatchString(dockerUA)
c.Assert(bMatchDockerUA, check.Equals, true, check.Commentf("Docker Engine User-Agent malformed"))
// check upstreamUA looks correct
// Expecting something like: Docker-Client/1.11.0-dev (linux)
upstreamUA := unescapeBackslashSemicolonParens(upstreamUAEscaped)
reUpstreamUA := regexp.MustCompile("^\\(Docker-Client/[0-9A-Za-z+]")
bMatchUpstreamUA := reUpstreamUA.MatchString(upstreamUA)
c.Assert(bMatchUpstreamUA, check.Equals, true, check.Commentf("(Upstream) Docker Client User-Agent malformed"))
// registerUserAgentHandler registers a handler for the `/v2/*` endpoint.
// Note that a 404 is returned to prevent the client to proceed.
// We are only checking if the client sent a valid User Agent string along
// with the request.
func registerUserAgentHandler(reg *registry.Mock, result *string) {
reg.RegisterHandler("/v2/", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
w.Write([]byte(`{"errors":[{"code": "UNSUPPORTED","message": "this is a mock registry"}]}`))
var ua string
for k, v := range r.Header {
if k == "User-Agent" {
ua = v[0]
*result = ua
// TestUserAgentPassThrough verifies that when an image is pulled from
// a registry, the registry should see a User-Agent string of the form
// [docker engine UA] UpstreamClientSTREAM-CLIENT([client UA])
func (s *DockerRegistrySuite) TestUserAgentPassThrough(c *check.C) {
var ua string
reg, err := registry.NewMock(c)
defer reg.Close()
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil)
registerUserAgentHandler(reg, &ua)
repoName := fmt.Sprintf("%s/busybox", reg.URL())
s.d.StartWithBusybox(c, "--insecure-registry", reg.URL())
tmp, err := ioutil.TempDir("", "integration-cli-")
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil)
defer os.RemoveAll(tmp)
dockerfile, err := makefile(tmp, fmt.Sprintf("FROM %s", repoName))
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil, check.Commentf("Unable to create test dockerfile"))
s.d.Cmd("build", "--file", dockerfile, tmp)
regexpCheckUA(c, ua)
s.d.Cmd("login", "-u", "richard", "-p", "testtest", reg.URL())
regexpCheckUA(c, ua)
s.d.Cmd("pull", repoName)
regexpCheckUA(c, ua)
s.d.Cmd("tag", "busybox", repoName)
s.d.Cmd("push", repoName)
regexpCheckUA(c, ua)