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package daemon // import ""
import (
// ContainerWait waits until the given container is in a certain state
// indicated by the given condition. If the container is not found, a nil
// channel and non-nil error is returned immediately. If the container is
// found, a status result will be sent on the returned channel once the wait
// condition is met or if an error occurs waiting for the container (such as a
// context timeout or cancellation). On a successful wait, the exit code of the
// container is returned in the status with a non-nil Err() value.
func (daemon *Daemon) ContainerWait(ctx context.Context, name string, condition container.WaitCondition) (<-chan container.StateStatus, error) {
cntr, err := daemon.GetContainer(name)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return cntr.Wait(ctx, condition), nil