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# Generate a minimal filesystem for PLD Linux and load it into the local docker as "pld".
set -e
if [ "$(id -u)" != "0" ]; then
echo >&2 "$0: requires root"
exit 1
tmpdir=$(mktemp -d ${TMPDIR:-/var/tmp}/pld-docker-XXXXXX)
install -d -m 755 $root
# to clean up:
docker rmi $image_name || :
# build
rpm -r $root --initdb
set +e
install -d $root/dev/pts
mknod $root/dev/random c 1 8 -m 644
mknod $root/dev/urandom c 1 9 -m 644
mknod $root/dev/full c 1 7 -m 666
mknod $root/dev/null c 1 3 -m 666
mknod $root/dev/zero c 1 5 -m 666
mknod $root/dev/console c 5 1 -m 660
set -e
poldek -r $root --up --noask -u \
--noignore \
-O 'rpmdef=_install_langs C' \
-O 'rpmdef=_excludedocs 1' \
vserver-packages \
bash iproute2 coreutils grep poldek
# fix netsharedpath, so containers would be able to install when some paths are mounted
sed -i -e 's;^#%_netsharedpath.*;%_netsharedpath /dev/shm:/sys:/proc:/dev:/etc/hostname;' $root/etc/rpm/macros
# no need for alternatives
poldek-config -c $root/etc/poldek/poldek.conf ignore systemd-init
# this makes initscripts to believe network is up
touch $root/var/lock/subsys/network
# cleanup large optional packages
for pkg in $remove_packages; do
rpm -r $root -q $pkg && rpm -r $root -e $pkg --nodeps
# cleanup more
rm -v $root/etc/
rm -rfv $root/var/cache/hrmib/*
rm -rfv $root/usr/share/man/man?/*
rm -rfv $root/usr/share/locale/*/
rm -rfv $root/usr/share/help/*/
rm -rfv $root/usr/share/doc/*
rm -rfv $root/usr/src/examples/*
rm -rfv $root/usr/share/pixmaps/*
# and import
tar --numeric-owner --xattrs --acls -C $root -c . | docker import - $image_name
# and test
docker run -i -u root $image_name /bin/echo Success.
rm -r $tmpdir