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package client // import ""
import (
// errConnectionFailed implements an error returned when connection failed.
type errConnectionFailed struct {
host string
// Error returns a string representation of an errConnectionFailed
func (err errConnectionFailed) Error() string {
if == "" {
return "Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?"
return fmt.Sprintf("Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at %s. Is the docker daemon running?",
// IsErrConnectionFailed returns true if the error is caused by connection failed.
func IsErrConnectionFailed(err error) bool {
_, ok := errors.Cause(err).(errConnectionFailed)
return ok
// ErrorConnectionFailed returns an error with host in the error message when connection to docker daemon failed.
func ErrorConnectionFailed(host string) error {
return errConnectionFailed{host: host}
type notFound interface {
NotFound() bool // Is the error a NotFound error
// IsErrNotFound returns true if the error is a NotFound error, which is returned
// by the API when some object is not found.
func IsErrNotFound(err error) bool {
te, ok := err.(notFound)
return ok && te.NotFound()
type objectNotFoundError struct {
object string
id string
func (e objectNotFoundError) NotFound() bool {
return true
func (e objectNotFoundError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("Error: No such %s: %s", e.object,
func wrapResponseError(err error, resp serverResponse, object, id string) error {
switch {
case err == nil:
return nil
case resp.statusCode == http.StatusNotFound:
return objectNotFoundError{object: object, id: id}
case resp.statusCode == http.StatusNotImplemented:
return notImplementedError{message: err.Error()}
return err
// unauthorizedError represents an authorization error in a remote registry.
type unauthorizedError struct {
cause error
// Error returns a string representation of an unauthorizedError
func (u unauthorizedError) Error() string {
return u.cause.Error()
// IsErrUnauthorized returns true if the error is caused
// when a remote registry authentication fails
func IsErrUnauthorized(err error) bool {
_, ok := err.(unauthorizedError)
return ok
type pluginPermissionDenied struct {
name string
func (e pluginPermissionDenied) Error() string {
return "Permission denied while installing plugin " +
// IsErrPluginPermissionDenied returns true if the error is caused
// when a user denies a plugin's permissions
func IsErrPluginPermissionDenied(err error) bool {
_, ok := err.(pluginPermissionDenied)
return ok
type notImplementedError struct {
message string
func (e notImplementedError) Error() string {
return e.message
func (e notImplementedError) NotImplemented() bool {
return true
// IsErrNotImplemented returns true if the error is a NotImplemented error.
// This is returned by the API when a requested feature has not been
// implemented.
func IsErrNotImplemented(err error) bool {
te, ok := err.(notImplementedError)
return ok && te.NotImplemented()
// NewVersionError returns an error if the APIVersion required
// if less than the current supported version
func (cli *Client) NewVersionError(APIrequired, feature string) error {
if cli.version != "" && versions.LessThan(cli.version, APIrequired) {
return fmt.Errorf("%q requires API version %s, but the Docker daemon API version is %s", feature, APIrequired, cli.version)
return nil