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// Package builder defines interfaces for any Docker builder to implement.
// Historically, only server-side Dockerfile interpreters existed.
// This package allows for other implementations of Docker builders.
package builder // import ""
import (
containerpkg ""
const (
// DefaultDockerfileName is the Default filename with Docker commands, read by docker build
DefaultDockerfileName string = "Dockerfile"
// Source defines a location that can be used as a source for the ADD/COPY
// instructions in the builder.
type Source interface {
// Root returns root path for accessing source
Root() containerfs.ContainerFS
// Close allows to signal that the filesystem tree won't be used anymore.
// For Context implementations using a temporary directory, it is recommended to
// delete the temporary directory in Close().
Close() error
// Hash returns a checksum for a file
Hash(path string) (string, error)
// Backend abstracts calls to a Docker Daemon.
type Backend interface {
// CommitBuildStep creates a new Docker image from the config generated by
// a build step.
CommitBuildStep(backend.CommitConfig) (image.ID, error)
// ContainerCreateWorkdir creates the workdir
ContainerCreateWorkdir(containerID string) error
CreateImage(config []byte, parent string) (Image, error)
// ImageBackend are the interface methods required from an image component
type ImageBackend interface {
GetImageAndReleasableLayer(ctx context.Context, refOrID string, opts backend.GetImageAndLayerOptions) (Image, ROLayer, error)
// ExecBackend contains the interface methods required for executing containers
type ExecBackend interface {
// ContainerAttachRaw attaches to container.
ContainerAttachRaw(cID string, stdin io.ReadCloser, stdout, stderr io.Writer, stream bool, attached chan struct{}) error
// ContainerCreate creates a new Docker container and returns potential warnings
ContainerCreate(config types.ContainerCreateConfig) (container.ContainerCreateCreatedBody, error)
// ContainerRm removes a container specified by `id`.
ContainerRm(name string, config *types.ContainerRmConfig) error
// ContainerKill stops the container execution abruptly.
ContainerKill(containerID string, sig uint64) error
// ContainerStart starts a new container
ContainerStart(containerID string, hostConfig *container.HostConfig, checkpoint string, checkpointDir string) error
// ContainerWait stops processing until the given container is stopped.
ContainerWait(ctx context.Context, name string, condition containerpkg.WaitCondition) (<-chan containerpkg.StateStatus, error)
// Result is the output produced by a Builder
type Result struct {
ImageID string
FromImage Image
// ImageCacheBuilder represents a generator for stateful image cache.
type ImageCacheBuilder interface {
// MakeImageCache creates a stateful image cache.
MakeImageCache(cacheFrom []string) ImageCache
// ImageCache abstracts an image cache.
// (parent image, child runconfig) -> child image
type ImageCache interface {
// GetCache returns a reference to a cached image whose parent equals `parent`
// and runconfig equals `cfg`. A cache miss is expected to return an empty ID and a nil error.
GetCache(parentID string, cfg *container.Config) (imageID string, err error)
// Image represents a Docker image used by the builder.
type Image interface {
ImageID() string
RunConfig() *container.Config
MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)
OperatingSystem() string
// ROLayer is a reference to image rootfs layer
type ROLayer interface {
Release() error
NewRWLayer() (RWLayer, error)
DiffID() layer.DiffID
// RWLayer is active layer that can be read/modified
type RWLayer interface {
Release() error
Root() containerfs.ContainerFS
Commit() (ROLayer, error)