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package daemon
import (
// linkIndex stores link relationships between containers, including their specified alias
// The alias is the name the parent uses to reference the child
type linkIndex struct {
// idx maps a parent->alias->child relationship
idx map[*container.Container]map[string]*container.Container
// childIdx maps child->parent->aliases
childIdx map[*container.Container]map[*container.Container]map[string]struct{}
mu sync.Mutex
func newLinkIndex() *linkIndex {
return &linkIndex{
idx: make(map[*container.Container]map[string]*container.Container),
childIdx: make(map[*container.Container]map[*container.Container]map[string]struct{}),
// link adds indexes for the passed in parent/child/alias relationships
func (l *linkIndex) link(parent, child *container.Container, alias string) {
if l.idx[parent] == nil {
l.idx[parent] = make(map[string]*container.Container)
l.idx[parent][alias] = child
if l.childIdx[child] == nil {
l.childIdx[child] = make(map[*container.Container]map[string]struct{})
if l.childIdx[child][parent] == nil {
l.childIdx[child][parent] = make(map[string]struct{})
l.childIdx[child][parent][alias] = struct{}{}
// unlink removes the requested alias for the given parent/child
func (l *linkIndex) unlink(alias string, child, parent *container.Container) {
delete(l.idx[parent], alias)
delete(l.childIdx[child], parent)
// children maps all the aliases-> children for the passed in parent
// aliases here are the aliases the parent uses to refer to the child
func (l *linkIndex) children(parent *container.Container) map[string]*container.Container {
children := l.idx[parent]
return children
// parents maps all the aliases->parent for the passed in child
// aliases here are the aliases the parents use to refer to the child
func (l *linkIndex) parents(child *container.Container) map[string]*container.Container {
parents := make(map[string]*container.Container)
for parent, aliases := range l.childIdx[child] {
for alias := range aliases {
parents[alias] = parent
return parents
// delete deletes all link relationships referencing this container
func (l *linkIndex) delete(container *container.Container) []string {
var aliases []string
for alias, child := range l.idx[container] {
aliases = append(aliases, alias)
delete(l.childIdx[child], container)
delete(l.idx, container)
delete(l.childIdx, container)
return aliases