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package registry
import (
const (
// DefaultV1Registry is the URI of the default v1 registry
DefaultV1Registry = ""
// DefaultV2Registry is the URI of the default (official) v2 registry.
// This is the windows-specific endpoint.
// Currently it is a TEMPORARY link that allows Microsoft to continue
// development of Docker Engine for Windows.
DefaultV2Registry = ""
// CertsDir is the directory where certificates are stored
var CertsDir = os.Getenv("programdata") + `\docker\certs.d`
// cleanPath is used to ensure that a directory name is valid on the target
// platform. It will be passed in something *similar* to a URL such as
// https:\\v1. Not all platforms support directory names
// which contain those characters (such as : on Windows)
func cleanPath(s string) string {
return filepath.FromSlash(strings.Replace(s, ":", "", -1))