This page describes the tools we use and infrastructure that is in place for the Docker project.


The Docker project uses Jenkins as our continuous integration server. Each Pull Request to Docker is tested by running the equivalent of make all. We chose Jenkins because we can host it ourselves and we run Docker in Docker to test.


Leeroy is a Go application which integrates Jenkins with GitHub pull requests. Leeroy uses GitHub hooks to listen for pull request notifications and starts jobs on your Jenkins server. Using the Jenkins [notification plugin][jnp], Leeroy updates the pull request using GitHub's status API with pending, success, failure, or error statuses.

The leeroy repository is maintained at

GordonTheTurtle IRC Bot

The GordonTheTurtle IRC Bot lives in the #docker-maintainers channel on Freenode. He is built in Go and is based off the project at

His main command is !rebuild, which rebuilds a given Pull Request for a repository. This command works by integrating with Leroy. He has a few other commands too, such as !gif or !godoc, but we are always looking for more fun commands to add.

The gordon-bot repository is maintained at


We use NSQ for various aspects of the project infrastucture.


The hooks project,, is a small Go application that manages web hooks from github,, or other third party services.

It can be used for listening to github webhooks & pushing them to a queue, archiving hooks to rethinkdb for processing, and broadcasting hooks to various jobs.

Docker Master Binaries

One of the things queued from the Hooks are the building of the Master Binaries. This happens on every push to the master branch of Docker. The repository for this is maintained at

Docker Master Docs

The master build of the docs gets queued from the Hooks as well. They are built using

Patch Parser Bot

The bot, also named GordonTheTurtle, that labels and comments on Pull Requests listens on Hooks as well. He is capable of knowing if a Pull Request needs to be signed, or gofmt'd, as well as rebased. The repository for this is maintained at