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package daemon
import (
flag ""
const (
defaultNetworkMtu = 1500
disableNetworkBridge = "none"
// CommonConfig defines the configuration of a docker daemon which are
// common across platforms.
type CommonConfig struct {
AutoRestart bool
// Bridge holds bridge network specific configuration.
Bridge bridgeConfig
Context map[string][]string
CorsHeaders string
DisableNetwork bool
Dns []string
DnsSearch []string
EnableCors bool
ExecDriver string
ExecRoot string
GraphDriver string
Labels []string
LogConfig runconfig.LogConfig
Mtu int
Pidfile string
Root string
TrustKeyPath string
// bridgeConfig stores all the bridge driver specific
// configuration.
type bridgeConfig struct {
EnableIPv6 bool
EnableIPTables bool
EnableIPForward bool
EnableIPMasq bool
EnableUserlandProxy bool
DefaultIP net.IP
Iface string
IP string
FixedCIDR string
FixedCIDRv6 string
DefaultGatewayIPv4 string
DefaultGatewayIPv6 string
InterContainerCommunication bool
// InstallCommonFlags adds command-line options to the top-level flag parser for
// the current process.
// Subsequent calls to `flag.Parse` will populate config with values parsed
// from the command-line.
func (config *Config) InstallCommonFlags() {
flag.StringVar(&config.Pidfile, []string{"p", "-pidfile"}, defaultPidFile, "Path to use for daemon PID file")
flag.StringVar(&config.Root, []string{"g", "-graph"}, defaultGraph, "Root of the Docker runtime")
flag.StringVar(&config.ExecRoot, []string{"-exec-root"}, "/var/run/docker", "Root of the Docker execdriver")
flag.BoolVar(&config.AutoRestart, []string{"#r", "#-restart"}, true, "--restart on the daemon has been deprecated in favor of --restart policies on docker run")
flag.BoolVar(&config.Bridge.EnableIPTables, []string{"#iptables", "-iptables"}, true, "Enable addition of iptables rules")
flag.BoolVar(&config.Bridge.EnableIPForward, []string{"#ip-forward", "-ip-forward"}, true, "Enable net.ipv4.ip_forward")
flag.BoolVar(&config.Bridge.EnableIPMasq, []string{"-ip-masq"}, true, "Enable IP masquerading")
flag.BoolVar(&config.Bridge.EnableIPv6, []string{"-ipv6"}, false, "Enable IPv6 networking")
flag.StringVar(&config.Bridge.IP, []string{"#bip", "-bip"}, "", "Specify network bridge IP")
flag.StringVar(&config.Bridge.Iface, []string{"b", "-bridge"}, "", "Attach containers to a network bridge")
flag.StringVar(&config.Bridge.FixedCIDR, []string{"-fixed-cidr"}, "", "IPv4 subnet for fixed IPs")
flag.StringVar(&config.Bridge.FixedCIDRv6, []string{"-fixed-cidr-v6"}, "", "IPv6 subnet for fixed IPs")
flag.StringVar(&config.Bridge.DefaultGatewayIPv4, []string{"-default-gateway"}, "", "Container default gateway IPv4 address")
flag.StringVar(&config.Bridge.DefaultGatewayIPv6, []string{"-default-gateway-v6"}, "", "Container default gateway IPv6 address")
flag.BoolVar(&config.Bridge.InterContainerCommunication, []string{"#icc", "-icc"}, true, "Enable inter-container communication")
flag.StringVar(&config.GraphDriver, []string{"s", "-storage-driver"}, "", "Storage driver to use")
flag.StringVar(&config.ExecDriver, []string{"e", "-exec-driver"}, defaultExec, "Exec driver to use")
flag.IntVar(&config.Mtu, []string{"#mtu", "-mtu"}, 0, "Set the containers network MTU")
flag.BoolVar(&config.EnableCors, []string{"#api-enable-cors", "#-api-enable-cors"}, false, "Enable CORS headers in the remote API, this is deprecated by --api-cors-header")
flag.StringVar(&config.CorsHeaders, []string{"-api-cors-header"}, "", "Set CORS headers in the remote API")
opts.IPVar(&config.Bridge.DefaultIP, []string{"#ip", "-ip"}, "", "Default IP when binding container ports")
// FIXME: why the inconsistency between "hosts" and "sockets"?
opts.IPListVar(&config.Dns, []string{"#dns", "-dns"}, "DNS server to use")
opts.DnsSearchListVar(&config.DnsSearch, []string{"-dns-search"}, "DNS search domains to use")
opts.LabelListVar(&config.Labels, []string{"-label"}, "Set key=value labels to the daemon")
flag.StringVar(&config.LogConfig.Type, []string{"-log-driver"}, "json-file", "Default driver for container logs")
opts.LogOptsVar(config.LogConfig.Config, []string{"-log-opt"}, "Set log driver options")
flag.BoolVar(&config.Bridge.EnableUserlandProxy, []string{"-userland-proxy"}, true, "Use userland proxy for loopback traffic")