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package runconfig
import (
// Note: the Config structure should hold only portable information about the container.
// Here, "portable" means "independent from the host we are running on".
// Non-portable information *should* appear in HostConfig.
type Config struct {
Hostname string
Domainname string
User string
Memory int64 // FIXME: we keep it for backward compatibility, it has been moved to hostConfig.
MemorySwap int64 // FIXME: it has been moved to hostConfig.
CpuShares int64 // FIXME: it has been moved to hostConfig.
Cpuset string // FIXME: it has been moved to hostConfig and renamed to CpusetCpus.
AttachStdin bool
AttachStdout bool
AttachStderr bool
PortSpecs []string // Deprecated - Can be in the format of 8080/tcp
ExposedPorts map[nat.Port]struct{}
Tty bool // Attach standard streams to a tty, including stdin if it is not closed.
OpenStdin bool // Open stdin
StdinOnce bool // If true, close stdin after the 1 attached client disconnects.
Env []string
Cmd []string
Image string // Name of the image as it was passed by the operator (eg. could be symbolic)
Volumes map[string]struct{}
WorkingDir string
Entrypoint []string
NetworkDisabled bool
MacAddress string
OnBuild []string
Labels map[string]string
func ContainerConfigFromJob(job *engine.Job) *Config {
config := &Config{
Hostname: job.Getenv("Hostname"),
Domainname: job.Getenv("Domainname"),
User: job.Getenv("User"),
Memory: job.GetenvInt64("Memory"),
MemorySwap: job.GetenvInt64("MemorySwap"),
CpuShares: job.GetenvInt64("CpuShares"),
Cpuset: job.Getenv("Cpuset"),
AttachStdin: job.GetenvBool("AttachStdin"),
AttachStdout: job.GetenvBool("AttachStdout"),
AttachStderr: job.GetenvBool("AttachStderr"),
Tty: job.GetenvBool("Tty"),
OpenStdin: job.GetenvBool("OpenStdin"),
StdinOnce: job.GetenvBool("StdinOnce"),
Image: job.Getenv("Image"),
WorkingDir: job.Getenv("WorkingDir"),
NetworkDisabled: job.GetenvBool("NetworkDisabled"),
MacAddress: job.Getenv("MacAddress"),
job.GetenvJson("ExposedPorts", &config.ExposedPorts)
job.GetenvJson("Volumes", &config.Volumes)
if PortSpecs := job.GetenvList("PortSpecs"); PortSpecs != nil {
config.PortSpecs = PortSpecs
if Env := job.GetenvList("Env"); Env != nil {
config.Env = Env
if Cmd := job.GetenvList("Cmd"); Cmd != nil {
config.Cmd = Cmd
job.GetenvJson("Labels", &config.Labels)
if Entrypoint := job.GetenvList("Entrypoint"); Entrypoint != nil {
config.Entrypoint = Entrypoint
return config