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package daemon
import (
const dataStructuresLogNameTemplate = "daemon-data-%s.log"
// dumpDaemon appends the daemon datastructures into file in dir and returns full path
// to that file.
func (d *Daemon) dumpDaemon(dir string) (string, error) {
// Ensure we recover from a panic as we are doing this without any locking
defer func() {
path := filepath.Join(dir, fmt.Sprintf(dataStructuresLogNameTemplate, strings.Replace(time.Now().Format(time.RFC3339), ":", "", -1)))
f, err := os.OpenFile(path, os.O_CREATE|os.O_WRONLY, 0666)
if err != nil {
return "", errors.Wrap(err, "failed to open file to write the daemon datastructure dump")
defer f.Close()
dump := struct {
containers interface{}
names interface{}
links interface{}
execs interface{}
volumes interface{}
images interface{}
layers interface{}
imageReferences interface{}
downloads interface{}
uploads interface{}
registry interface{}
plugins interface{}
containers: d.containers,
execs: d.execCommands,
volumes: d.volumes,
images: d.imageStore,
layers: d.layerStore,
imageReferences: d.referenceStore,
downloads: d.downloadManager,
uploads: d.uploadManager,
registry: d.RegistryService,
plugins: d.PluginStore,
names: d.nameIndex,
links: d.linkIndex,
spew.Fdump(f, dump) // Does not return an error
return path, nil