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docker-tag - Tag an image into a repository




Assigns a new alias to an image in a registry. An alias refers to the entire image name including the optional TAG after the ‘:’.

If you do not specify a REGISTRY_HOST, the command uses Docker's public registry located at registry-1.docker.io by default.


--help Print usage statement.

REGISTRY_HOST The hostname of the registry if required. This may also include the port separated by a ‘:’

USERNAME The username or other qualifying identifier for the image.

NAME The image name.

TAG The tag you are assigning to the image. Though this is arbitrary it is recommended to be used for a version to distinguish images with the same name. Also, for consistency tags should only include a-z0-9-_. . Note that here TAG is a part of the overall name or “tag”.


Giving an image a new alias

Here is an example of aliasing an image (e.g., 0e5574283393) as “httpd” and tagging it into the “fedora” repository with “version1.0”:

docker tag 0e5574283393 fedora/httpd:version1.0

Tagging an image for a private repository

To push an image to a private registry and not the central Docker registry you must tag it with the registry hostname and port (if needed).

docker tag 0e5574283393 myregistryhost:5000/fedora/httpd:version1.0


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