Docker Documentation

This directory contains the Docker user manual in the Markdown format. Do not edit the man pages in the man1 directory. Instead, amend the Markdown (*.md) files.

Generating man pages from the Markdown files

The recommended approach for generating the man pages is via a Docker container using the supplied Dockerfile to create an image with the correct environment. This uses go-md2man, a pure Go Markdown to man page generator.

Building the md2man image

There is a Dockerfile provided in the /man directory of your ‘docker/docker’ fork.

Using this Dockerfile, create a Docker image tagged docker/md2man:

docker build -t docker/md2man .

Utilizing the image

From within the /man directory run the following command:

docker run -v $(pwd):/man -w /man -i docker/md2man ./

The md2man Docker container will process the Markdown files and generate the man pages inside the /man/man1 directory of your fork using Docker volumes. For more information on Docker volumes see the man page for docker run and also look at the article [Sharing Directories via Volumes] (