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This file is a loose collection of things to improve in the codebase, for the internal
use of the maintainers.
They are not big enough to be in the roadmap, not user-facing enough to be github issues,
and not important enough to be discussed in the mailing list.
They are just like FIXME comments in the source code, except we're not sure where in the source
to put them - so we put them here :)
* Merge Runtime, Server and Builder into Runtime
* Run linter on codebase
* Unify build commands and regular commands
* Move source code into src/ subdir for clarity
* docker build: on non-existent local path for ADD, don't show full absolute path on the host
* docker tag foo REPO:TAG
* use size header for progress bar in pull
* Clean up context upload in build!!!
* Parallel pull
* Always generate a resolv.conf per container, to avoid changing resolv.conf under thne container's feet
* Save metadata with import/export (#1974)
* Upgrade dockerd without stopping containers
* Simple command to remove all untagged images (`docker rmi $(docker images | awk '/^<none>/ { print $3 }')`)
* Simple command to clean up containers for disk space
* Caching after an ADD (#880)
* Clean up the ProgressReader api, it's a PITA to use
* Use netlink instead of iproute2/iptables (#925)