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# Note: right now we don't use go-specific features of travis.
# Later we might automate "go test" etc. (or do it inside a docker container...?)
language: go
go: 1.2
# Disable the normal go build.
install: true
- env | sort
- sudo apt-get update -qq
- sudo apt-get install -qq python-yaml
- git remote add upstream git://
- upstream=master;
if [ "$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" != false ]; then
git fetch --append --no-tags upstream refs/heads/$upstream:refs/remotes/upstream/$upstream
# sometimes we have upstream master already as origin/master (PRs), but other times we don't, so let's just make sure we have a completely unambiguous way to specify "upstream master" from here out
# but if it's a PR against non-master, we need that upstream branch instead :)
- sudo pip install -r docs/requirements.txt
- hack/travis/
- hack/travis/
- make -sC docs SPHINXOPTS=-q docs man
# vim:set sw=2 ts=2: