0.4.1 (2013-06-17)

  • Remote Api: Add flag to enable cross domain requests
  • Remote Api/Client: Add images and containers sizes in docker ps and docker images
  • Runtime: Configure dns configuration host-wide with ‘docker -d -dns’
  • Runtime: Detect faulty DNS configuration and replace it with a public default
  • Runtime: allow docker run :
  • Runtime: you can now specify public port (ex: -p 80:4500)
  • Client: allow multiple params in inspect
  • Client: Print the container id before the hijack in docker run
  • Registry: add regexp check on repo's name
  • Registry: Move auth to the client
  • Runtime: improved image removal to garbage-collect unreferenced parents
  • Vagrantfile: Add the rest api port to vagrantfile's port_forward
  • Upgrade to Go 1.1
  • Builder: don‘t ignore last line in Dockerfile when it doesn’t end with \n
  • Registry: Remove login check on pull

0.4.0 (2013-06-03)

  • Introducing Builder: ‘docker build’ builds a container, layer by layer, from a source repository containing a Dockerfile
  • Introducing Remote API: control Docker programmatically using a simple HTTP/json API
  • Runtime: various reliability and usability improvements

0.3.4 (2013-05-30)

  • Builder: ‘docker build’ builds a container, layer by layer, from a source repository containing a Dockerfile
  • Builder: ‘docker build -t FOO’ applies the tag FOO to the newly built container.
  • Runtime: interactive TTYs correctly handle window resize
  • Runtime: fix how configuration is merged between layers
  • Remote API: split stdout and stderr on ‘docker run’
  • Remote API: optionally listen on a different IP and port (use at your own risk)
  • Documentation: improved install instructions.

0.3.3 (2013-05-23)

  • Registry: Fix push regression
  • Various bugfixes

0.3.2 (2013-05-09)

  • Runtime: Store the actual archive on commit
  • Registry: Improve the checksum process
  • Registry: Use the size to have a good progress bar while pushing
  • Registry: Use the actual archive if it exists in order to speed up the push
  • Registry: Fix error 400 on push

0.3.1 (2013-05-08)

  • Builder: Implement the autorun capability within docker builder
  • Builder: Add caching to docker builder
  • Builder: Add support for docker builder with native API as top level command
  • Runtime: Add go version to debug infos
  • Builder: Implement ENV within docker builder
  • Registry: Add docker search top level command in order to search a repository
  • Images: output graph of images to dot (graphviz)
  • Documentation: new introduction and high-level overview
  • Documentation: Add the documentation for docker builder
  • Website: new high-level overview
  • Makefile: Swap “go get” for “go get -d”, especially to compile on go1.1rc
  • Images: fix ByParent function
  • Builder: Check the command existance prior create and add Unit tests for the case
  • Registry: Fix pull for official images with specific tag
  • Registry: Fix issue when login in with a different user and trying to push
  • Documentation: CSS fix for docker documentation to make REST API docs look better.
  • Documentation: Fixed CouchDB example page header mistake
  • Documentation: fixed README formatting
  • Registry: Improve checksum - async calculation
  • Runtime: kernel version - don't show the dash if flavor is empty
  • Documentation: updated website.
  • Builder: use any whitespaces instead of tabs
  • Packaging: packaging ubuntu; issue #510: Use goland-stable PPA package to build docker

0.3.0 (2013-05-06)

  • Registry: Implement the new registry
  • Documentation: new example: sharing data between 2 couchdb databases
  • Runtime: Fix the command existance check
  • Runtime: strings.Split may return an empty string on no match
  • Runtime: Fix an index out of range crash if cgroup memory is not
  • Documentation: Various improvments
  • Vagrant: Use only one deb line in /etc/apt

0.2.2 (2013-05-03)

  • Support for data volumes (‘docker run -v=PATH’)
  • Share data volumes between containers (‘docker run -volumes-from’)
  • Improved documentation
  • Upgrade to Go 1.0.3
  • Various upgrades to the dev environment for contributors

0.2.1 (2013-05-01)

  • ‘docker commit -run’ bundles a layer with default runtime options: command, ports etc.
  • Improve install process on Vagrant
  • New Dockerfile operation: “maintainer”
  • New Dockerfile operation: “expose”
  • New Dockerfile operation: “cmd”
  • Contrib script to build a Debian base layer
  • ‘docker -d -r’: restart crashed containers at daemon startup
  • Runtime: improve test coverage

0.2.0 (2013-04-23)

  • Runtime: ghost containers can be killed and waited for
  • Documentation: update install intructions
  • Packaging: fix Vagrantfile
  • Development: automate releasing binaries and ubuntu packages
  • Add a changelog
  • Various bugfixes

0.1.8 (2013-04-22)

  • Dynamically detect cgroup capabilities
  • Issue stability warning on kernels <3.8
  • ‘docker push’ buffers on disk instead of memory
  • Fix ‘docker diff’ for removed files
  • Fix ‘docker stop’ for ghost containers
  • Fix handling of pidfile
  • Various bugfixes and stability improvements

0.1.7 (2013-04-18)

  • Container ports are available on localhost
  • ‘docker ps’ shows allocated TCP ports
  • Contributors can run ‘make hack’ to start a continuous integration VM
  • Streamline ubuntu packaging & uploading
  • Various bugfixes and stability improvements

0.1.6 (2013-04-17)

  • Record the author an image with ‘docker commit -author’

0.1.5 (2013-04-17)

  • Disable standalone mode
  • Use a custom DNS resolver with ‘docker -d -dns’
  • Detect ghost containers
  • Improve diagnosis of missing system capabilities
  • Allow disabling memory limits at compile time
  • Add debian packaging
  • Documentation: installing on Arch Linux
  • Documentation: running Redis on docker
  • Fixed lxc 0.9 compatibility
  • Automatically load aufs module
  • Various bugfixes and stability improvements

0.1.4 (2013-04-09)

  • Full support for TTY emulation
  • Detach from a TTY session with the escape sequence C-p C-q
  • Various bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Automatically create our own bridge interface ‘docker0’

0.1.3 (2013-04-04)

  • Choose TCP frontend port with ‘-p :PORT’
  • Layer format is versioned
  • Major reliability improvements to the process manager
  • Various bugfixes and stability improvements

0.1.2 (2013-04-03)

  • Set container hostname with ‘docker run -h’
  • Selective attach at run with ‘docker run -a [stdin[,stdout[,stderr]]]’
  • Various bugfixes and stability improvements
  • UI polish
  • Progress bar on push/pull
  • Use XZ compression by default
  • Make IP allocator lazy

0.1.1 (2013-03-31)

  • Display shorthand IDs for convenience
  • Stabilize process management
  • Layers can include a commit message
  • Simplified ‘docker attach’
  • Fixed support for re-attaching
  • Various bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Auto-download at run
  • Auto-login on push
  • Beefed up documentation

0.1.0 (2013-03-23)

  • First release
  • Implement registry in order to push/pull images
  • TCP port allocation
  • Fix termcaps on Linux
  • Add documentation
  • Add Vagrant support with Vagrantfile
  • Add unit tests
  • Add repository/tags to ease image management
  • Improve the layer implementation