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// +build !windows
package main
import (
// #16665
func (s *DockerSuite) TestInspectApiCpusetInConfigPre120(c *check.C) {
testRequires(c, DaemonIsLinux)
testRequires(c, cgroupCpuset)
name := "cpusetinconfig-pre120"
dockerCmd(c, "run", "--name", name, "--cpuset-cpus", "0", "busybox", "true")
status, body, err := sockRequest("GET", fmt.Sprintf("/v1.19/containers/%s/json", name), nil)
c.Assert(status, check.Equals, http.StatusOK)
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil)
var inspectJSON map[string]interface{}
err = json.Unmarshal(body, &inspectJSON)
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil, check.Commentf("unable to unmarshal body for version 1.19"))
config, ok := inspectJSON["Config"]
c.Assert(ok, checker.True, check.Commentf("Unable to find 'Config'"))
cfg := config.(map[string]interface{})
_, ok = cfg["Cpuset"]
c.Assert(ok, checker.True, check.Commentf("Api version 1.19 expected to include Cpuset in 'Config'"))