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// +build windows
package image
import (
// RootFS describes images root filesystem
// This is currently a placeholder that only supports layers. In the future
// this can be made into an interface that supports different implementations.
type RootFS struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
DiffIDs []layer.DiffID `json:"diff_ids,omitempty"`
BaseLayer string `json:"base_layer,omitempty"`
// BaseLayerID returns the 64 byte hex ID for the baselayer name.
func (r *RootFS) BaseLayerID() string {
baseID := sha512.Sum384([]byte(r.BaseLayer))
return fmt.Sprintf("%x", baseID[:32])
// ChainID returns the ChainID for the top layer in RootFS.
func (r *RootFS) ChainID() layer.ChainID {
baseDiffID := digest.FromBytes([]byte(r.BaseLayerID()))
return layer.CreateChainID(append([]layer.DiffID{layer.DiffID(baseDiffID)}, r.DiffIDs...))
// NewRootFS returns empty RootFS struct
func NewRootFS() *RootFS {
return &RootFS{Type: "layers+base"}