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package libcontainerd
import ""
// Spec is the base configuration for the container.
type Spec windowsoci.WindowsSpec
// Process contains information to start a specific application inside the container.
type Process windowsoci.Process
// User specifies user information for the containers main process.
type User windowsoci.User
// Summary container a container summary from containerd
type Summary struct {
Pid uint32
Command string
// StateInfo contains description about the new state container has entered.
type StateInfo struct {
// Platform specific StateInfo
UpdatePending bool // Indicates that there are some update operations pending that should be completed by a servicing container.
// Stats contains a stats properties from containerd.
type Stats struct{}
// Resources defines updatable container resource values.
type Resources struct{}
// ServicingOption is an empty CreateOption with a no-op application that siginifies
// the container needs to be use for a Windows servicing operation.
type ServicingOption struct {
IsServicing bool