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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
# this script is used to update vendored dependencies
# Usage:
# revendor all dependencies
# revendor only the engine-api dependency.
# v0.3.3 vendor only engine-api at the specified tag/commit.
# git v0.3.3 is the same but specifies the VCS for cases where the VCS is something else than git
# git eb2c74142fd19a79b3f237334c7384d5167b1b46 vendor only downloading from the specified URL
cd "$(dirname "$BASH_SOURCE")/.."
source 'hack/'
case $# in
rm -rf vendor/
# If user passed arguments to the script
eval "$(grep -E "^clone [^ ]+ $1" "$0")"
exit 0
rm -rf "vendor/src/$1"
clone git "$1" "$2"
exit 0
rm -rf "vendor/src/$2"
clone "$@"
exit 0
>&2 echo "error: unexpected parameters"
exit 1
# the following lines are in sorted order, FYI
clone git 388960b655244e76e24c75f48631564eaefade62
clone git v0.3.4
clone git v0.3.4
clone git v0.10.0 # logrus is a common dependency among multiple deps
clone git 9cbd2a1374f46905c68a4eb3694a130610adc62a
clone git 03a4d9dcf2f92eae8e90ed42aa2656f63fdd0b14
clone git 14f550f51a
clone git e444e69cbd
clone git 5cf931ef8f
clone git v1.0.0
clone git v1.1.0
clone git v2.1.0
clone git 24d7f1d6a71aa5d9cbe7390e4afb66b7eef9e1b3
# forked package includes a patch for lazy loading trace templates
clone git 2beffdc2e92c8a3027590f898fe88f69af48a3f8
clone git eb2c74142fd19a79b3f237334c7384d5167b1b46
clone git 651fc226e7441360384da338d0fd37f2440ffbe3
clone git fa2850ff103453a9ad190da0df0af134f0314b3d
clone git 3d1601b9d2436a70b0dfc045a23f6503d19195df
clone git 259aed10dfa74ea2961eddd1d9847619f6e98837
clone git 0.2.1
#get libnetwork packages
clone git 5e7bf83ab07c197d1bef6ec073d9f19ce59e3eb2
clone git afb2b9f2c23f33ada1a22b03651775fdc65a5089
clone git e39d623f12e8e41c7b5529e9a9dd67a1e2261f80
clone git eb0af217e5e9747e41dd5303755356b62d28e3ec
clone git 71c2886f5a673a35f909803f38ece5810165097b
clone git 88ac4de0d1a0ca6def284b571342db3b777a4c37
clone git fcdddc395df1ddf4247c69bd436e84cfa0733f7e
clone git 598c54895cc5a7b1a24a398d635e8c0ea0959870
clone git v0.2.1
clone git 604eaf189ee867d8c147fafc28def2394e878d25
clone git e73bad418fd727ed3a02830b1af1ad0283a1de6c
clone git f706d00e3de6abe700c994cdd545a1a4915af060
clone git d0e0d8e11f318e000a8cc434616d69e329edc374
clone git ef32fa3046d9f249d399f98ebaf9be944430fd1d
clone git v2.3.2
clone git f1f1a805ed361a0e078bb537e4ea78cd37dcf065
clone git v0.5.2
clone git v1.2.1
clone git 75e6e86cc601825c5dbcd4e0c209eab180997cd7
# get graph and distribution packages
clone git 07f32ac1831ed0fc71960b7da5d6bb83cb6881b5
clone git v0.9.11
# get go-zfs packages
clone git 22c9b32c84eb0d0c6f4043b6e90fc94073de92fa
clone git v1.0
# get desired notary commit, might also need to be updated in Dockerfile
clone git v0.3.0
clone git ab0be5212fb225475f2087566eded7da5d727960
clone git df8ae6ca730422dba20c768ff38ef7d79077a59f
clone git v1.5.1-1-1-gbaf439e
clone git d2b94fd789ea21d12fac1a4443dd3a3f79cda72c
clone git cc29e3dded8e27ba8f65738f40d251c885030a28 # libcontainer
clone git v1.0.0-rc1 # specs
clone git 32f571b70023028bd57d9288c20efbcb237f3ce0
# libcontainer deps (see src/
clone git v4
clone git v4.0.0
clone git 2c00daeb6c3b45114c80ac44119e7b8801fdd852
clone git 3c84672111d91bb5ac31719e112f9f7126a0e26e
# gelf logging driver deps
clone git aab2f594e4585d43468ac57287b0dece9d806883
clone git v1.1.0
# fluent-logger-golang deps
clone git 899e4efba8eaa1fea74175308f3fae18ff3319fa
clone git 75ee40d2601edf122ef667e2a07d600d4c44490c
# fsnotify
clone git v1.2.11
# awslogs deps
clone git v1.1.30
clone git 060d7da055ba6ec5ea7a31f116332fe5efa04ce0
clone git 0b12d6b521d83fc7f755e7cfc1b1fbdd35a01a74
# gcplogs deps
clone git 2baa8a1b9338cf13d9eeb27696d761155fa480be
clone git dc6d2353af16e2a2b0ff6986af051d473a4ed468
clone git dae7e3d993bc3812a2185af60552bb6b847e52a0
# native credentials
clone git v0.3.0
# containerd
clone git 0ac3cd1be170d180b2baed755e8f0da547ceb267
# cluster
clone git 9d4c2f73124e70f8fa85f9076635b827d17b109f
clone git bd3c8e81be01eef76d4b503f5e687d2d1354d2d9
clone git 43a2e0b1c32252bfbbdf81f7faa7a88fb3fa4028
clone git b895b0549c0ff676f92cf09ba971ae02bb41367b
clone git 025a5cab06f6a819c455d9fdc9e2a1b6d0982284
clone git 3fbbcd23f1cb824e69491a5930cfeff09b12f4d2
clone git 63fe23f7434723dc904c901043af07931f293c47
clone git 98f52f52d7a476958fa9da671354d270c50661a7
clone git 8e8ed81f8f0bf1bdd829593fdd5c29922c1ea990
clone git a0d98a5f288019575c6d1f4bb1573fef2d1fcdc4
clone git 2c77715c4df99b5420ffcae14ead08f52104065d
clone git 3fd3c1944c59d9742e1cd333672181cd1a6f9fa0
clone git e51041b3fa41cece0dca035740ba6411905be473
clone git b965b613227fddccbfffe13eae360ed3fa822f8d
clone git fa8ad6fec33561be4280a8f0514318c79d7f6cb6
clone git ffe929a3f4c4faeaa10f2b9535c2b1be3ad15650
clone git 454a56f35412459b5e684fd5ec0f9211b94f002a
clone hg 75cd24fc2f2c2a2088577d12123ddee5f54e0675
clone git fc2b8d3a73c4867e51861bbdd5ae3c1f0869dd6a
clone git 01fa4104b9c248c8945d14d9f128454d5b28d595
# cli
clone git 75205f23b3ea70dc7ae5e900d074e010c23c37e9
clone git cb88ea77998c3f024757528e3305022ab50b43be
clone git 76626ae9c91c4f2a10f34cad8ce83ea42c93bb75
clone git 3f9db97f856818214da2e1057f8ad84803971cff