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// +build windows
package libcontainerd
import (
type remote struct {
logger *logrus.Entry
clients []*client
// Options
rootDir string
stateDir string
// New creates a fresh instance of libcontainerd remote.
func New(rootDir, stateDir string, options ...RemoteOption) (Remote, error) {
return &remote{
logger: logrus.WithField("module", "libcontainerd"),
rootDir: rootDir,
stateDir: stateDir,
}, nil
type client struct {
rootDir string
stateDir string
backend Backend
logger *logrus.Entry
eventQ queue
containers map[string]*container
func (r *remote) NewClient(ns string, b Backend) (Client, error) {
c := &client{
rootDir: r.rootDir,
stateDir: r.stateDir,
backend: b,
logger: r.logger.WithField("namespace", ns),
containers: make(map[string]*container),
r.clients = append(r.clients, c)
return c, nil
func (r *remote) Cleanup() {
// Nothing to do