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  1. ci/
  2. dockerfile/
  3. integration-cli-on-swarm/
  4. Jenkins/
  5. make/
  6. test/
  7. validate/
  8. dind
  11. make.ps1


This directory contains a collection of scripts used to build and manage this repository. If there are any issues regarding the intention of a particular script (or even part of a certain script), please reach out to us. It may help us either refine our current scripts, or add on new ones that are appropriate for a given use case.

DinD (

DinD is a wrapper script which allows Docker to be run inside a Docker container. DinD requires the container to be run with privileged mode enabled.

Generate Authors (

Generates AUTHORS; a file with all the names and corresponding emails of individual contributors. AUTHORS can be found in the home directory of this repository.


There are two make files, each with different extensions. Neither are supposed to be called directly; only invoke make. Both scripts run inside a Docker container.


  • The Windows native build script that uses PowerShell semantics; it is limited unlike hack\ since it does not provide support for the full set of operations provided by the Linux counterpart, However, make.ps1 does provide support for local Windows development and Windows to Windows CI. More information is found within make.ps1 by the author, @jhowardmsft

  • Referenced via make test when running tests on a local machine, or directly referenced when running tests inside a Docker development container.
  • When running on a local machine, make test to run all tests found in test, test-unit, test-integration, and test-docker-py on your local machine. The default timeout is set in to 60 minutes (${TIMEOUT:=60m}), since it currently takes up to an hour to run all of the tests.
  • When running inside a Docker development container, hack/ does not have a single target that runs all the tests. You need to provide a single command line with multiple targets that performs the same thing. An example referenced from Run targets inside a development container: root@5f8630b873fe:/go/src/ hack/ dynbinary binary cross test-unit test-integration test-docker-py
  • For more information related to testing outside the scope of this README, refer to Run tests and test documentation

Release (

Releases any bundles built by make on a public AWS S3 bucket. For information regarding configuration, please view

Vendor (

A shell script that is a wrapper around Vndr. For information on how to use this, please refer to vndr's README