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Building instructions for the DLL versions of Zlib 1.2.x
This directory contains projects that build zlib and minizip using
Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0/7.1.
You don't need to build these projects yourself. You can download the
binaries from:
More information can be found at this site.
Build instructions
- Unzip zlib*.zip and copy the files from contrib\vstudio\vc7,
from contrib\vstudio\masmx86 and from contrib\minizip into the same
- Download the crtdll library from
Unzip to extract crtdll.lib.
- If you are using x86, use the Release target.
- Open zlibvc.sln with Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0 or 7.1
(Visual Studio .Net 2002 or 2003).
- To use zlibwapi.dll in your application, you must define the
macro ZLIB_WINAPI when compiling your application's source files.
Additional notes
- This DLL, named zlibwapi.dll, is compatible to the old zlib.dll built
by Gilles Vollant from the zlib 1.1.x sources, and distributed at
It uses the WINAPI calling convention for the exported functions, and
includes the minizip functionality. If your application needs that
particular build of zlib.dll, you can rename zlibwapi.dll to zlib.dll.
- The new DLL was renamed because there exist several incompatible
versions of zlib.dll on the Internet.
- There is also an official DLL build of zlib, named zlib1.dll. This one
is exporting the functions using the CDECL convention. See the file
win32\DLL_FAQ.txt found in this zlib distribution.
- There used to be a ZLIB_DLL macro in zlib 1.1.x, but now this symbol
has a slightly different effect. To avoid compatibility problems, do
not define it here.
Gilles Vollant