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* \file
* parset.h
* \brief
* Picture and Sequence Parameter Sets, encoder operations
* This code reflects JVT version xxx
* \date 25 November 2002
* \author
* Main contributors (see contributors.h for copyright, address and affiliation details)
* - Stephan Wenger <>
#ifndef _NALU_H_
#define _NALU_H_
#include "nalucommon.h"
int RBSPtoNALU (unsigned char *rbsp, NALU_t *nalu, int rbsp_size, int nal_unit_type, int nal_reference_idc,
int min_num_bytes, int UseAnnexbLongStartcode);
int (*WriteNALU)(NALU_t *n); //! Hides the write function in Annex B or RTP