1. 912c09e [InstCombine] eliminate a pointer cast around insertelement by Sanjay Patel · 30 minutes ago master
  2. b97e402 [VectorCombine] add test for Hexagon that would crash; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 60 minutes ago
  3. bca1b8e [SystemZ/ZOS] Implement computeHostNumPhysicalCores by Kai Nacke · 67 minutes ago
  4. ea8448e36 [LoopUnroll] Adjust CostKind query by Sam Parker · 2 hours ago
  5. cff880b Revert "[lldb] Display autosuggestion part in gray if there is one possible suggestion" by Raphael Isemann · 2 hours ago
  6. fccf4c6 [ARM] Commutative vmin/maxnma tests. NFC by David Green · 2 hours ago
  7. 35bee35 [clang-tidy] prevent generated checks from triggering assertions on anonymous functions by Bogdan Serea · 2 hours ago
  8. 9bd97d0 [X86][SSE] Fold HOP(SHUFFLE(X),SHUFFLE(Y)) --> SHUFFLE(HOP(X,Y)) by Simon Pilgrim · 2 hours ago
  9. 246afe0 [lldb] Display autosuggestion part in gray if there is one possible suggestion by Shu Anzai · 2 hours ago
  10. 321aa19 [mlir] Expose printing functions in C API by Alex Zinenko · 3 hours ago
  11. 3b0a4e9 [llvm-readobj] - Refine logic of the symbol table locating in printRelocationsHelper(). by Georgii Rymar · 3 hours ago
  12. a0c2c6a [X86][AVX] Fold CONCAT(HOP(X,Y),HOP(Z,W)) -> HOP(CONCAT(X,Z),CONCAT(Y,W)) for float types by Simon Pilgrim · 3 hours ago
  13. dd0fdf8 [lldb] Add support for checking children in expect_expr by Raphael Isemann · 3 hours ago
  14. 511d5aa [Transforms][SROA] Skip uses of allocas where the type is scalable by Cullen Rhodes · 4 hours ago
  15. 7b18716 Add missing dependency on Doc generation for the OpenMP dialect by Mehdi Amini · 4 hours ago
  16. af83858 [mlir] use intptr_t in C API by Alex Zinenko · 4 hours ago
  17. e441b7a [SCEV] Look through single value PHIs. by Florian Hahn · 5 hours ago
  18. 9ceb192 [llvm-dwarfdump] Avoid crashing if an abbreviation offset is invalid. by Igor Kudrin · 5 hours ago
  19. 6716e78 [ARM][MVE] tail-predication: overflow checks for backedge taken count. by Sjoerd Meijer · 5 hours ago
  20. ac37afa [SyntaxTree] Unbox operators into tokens for nodes generated from `CXXOperatorCallExpr` by Eduardo Caldas · 6 hours ago
  21. 88bbd30 [SVE][CodeGen] Fix issues with EXTRACT_SUBVECTOR when using scalable FP vectors by David Sherwood · 6 hours ago
  22. 5d54921 [VE] Change to promote i32 AND/OR/XOR operations by Kazushi (Jam) Marukawa · 6 hours ago
  23. a875765 [libc][obvious] Switch copysign[f|l] and fabs[f|l] to the new test matchers. by Siva Chandra · 6 hours ago
  24. dc7b1e9 [AST] Fix the CXXFoldExpr source range when parentheses range is invalid. by Haojian Wu · 6 hours ago
  25. e6c5e6e [MLIR,OpenMP] Lowering of parallel operation: proc_bind clause 2/n by Kiran Chandramohan · 7 hours ago
  26. 6b3dc96 [X86][GlobalISel] Replace a misuse of SUBREG_TO_REG with INSERT_SUBREG. by Craig Topper · 7 hours ago
  27. 2ad7e1a [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Conversion for global and addressof by George Mitenkov · 7 hours ago
  28. 01b99c6 [libc][obvious] Switch nearest integer function tests to the new matchers. by Siva Chandra · 7 hours ago
  29. d73be5a [NFC] Factor out hasForceAttributes by Kyungwoo Lee · 7 hours ago
  30. 3a03392 [Attributor][NFC] Reformat tests after D85099 by Johannes Doerfert · 8 hours ago
  31. 97ce7fd [UpdateTestChecks] Match unnamed values like "@[0-9]+" and "![0-9]+" by Johannes Doerfert · 8 hours ago
  32. 31e5f71 [CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib by Petr Hosek · 10 hours ago
  33. 1a67522 [NFC] Inline variable only used in debug builds by Jordan Rupprecht · 11 hours ago
  34. b0b95da [VectorCombine] add safety check for 0-width register by Sanjay Patel · 13 hours ago
  35. 2985c02 [WebAssembly][AsmParser] Name missing features in error message by Thomas Lively · 13 hours ago
  36. b9af72b [Diagnostics] Reworked -Wstring-concatenation by Dávid Bolvanský · 13 hours ago
  37. f5e4451 [flang] Fix interpretation of intrinsic names as arguments by Tim Keith · 14 hours ago
  38. c6f5137 [libcxx/variant] Add a few benchmarks for `std::visit`. by Michael Park · 15 hours ago
  39. 30c1633 Revert "[Instruction] Add updateLocationAfterHoist helper" by Vedant Kumar · 16 hours ago
  40. 54b6cca [globalopt] Change so that emitting fragments doesn't use the type size of DIVariables by Amy Huang · 16 hours ago
  41. 06d100a [Analyzer] Support note tags for smart ptr checker by Nithin Vadukkumchery Rajendrakumar · 16 hours ago
  42. cfdc967 [Instcombine] Fix uses of undef (PR46940) by Kazu Hirata · 16 hours ago
  43. 29429d1 [drr] Add $_loc special directive for NativeCodeCall by Jacques Pienaar · 17 hours ago
  44. 4a646ca [Instruction] Add updateLocationAfterHoist helper by Vedant Kumar · 17 hours ago
  45. 479f5bf [LLDB] Improve PDB discovery by Adrian McCarthy · 17 hours ago
  46. df79e18 [libc][obvious] Remove a commented out block. by Siva Chandra · 17 hours ago
  47. 277873c [AARCH64] [MC] add memtag as an alias of mte architecture extension by Jian Cai · 17 hours ago
  48. 9df7ee3 [libFuzzer] Fix minimizing timeouts by Ilya Leoshkevich · 17 hours ago
  49. 06d5670 [InstSimplify] Respect CanUseUndef in more places by Nikita Popov · 18 hours ago
  50. 254e0ab [lldb] Fix the last remaining tests not inheriting TCC permissions by Jonas Devlieghere · 18 hours ago
  51. e74e8b2 [NFC][InstCombine] Add tests for PHI merging/aggregate reconstruction (PR47060) by Roman Lebedev · 18 hours ago
  52. 9b211a5 [libunwind] Fix incorrect check for out-of-boundedness by Louis Dionne · 18 hours ago
  53. b9c1bd3 [gn build] Fix CodeGenTests by Arthur Eubanks · 18 hours ago
  54. 1a69f02 [WebAssembly][NFC] Replace WASM with standard Wasm by Thomas Lively · 18 hours ago
  55. e9ac149 [AIX][XCOFF] change the operand of branch instruction from symbol name to qualified symbol name for function declarations by diggerlin · 18 hours ago
  56. e8dac8b [libunwind][NFC] Fix typo in comment by Louis Dionne · 18 hours ago
  57. f969734 Reland "[SLPVectorizer] Pre-commit a test for D85759" by Thomas Lively · 18 hours ago
  58. 52b71aa Revert "[SLPVectorizer] Pre-commit a test for D85759" by Thomas Lively · 18 hours ago
  59. 39617aa NFC. Constify MachineVerifier::verify parameter by Yuanfang Chen · 19 hours ago
  60. bfb0b85 [compiler-rt] XFAIL test on iOS by Julian Lettner · 19 hours ago
  61. ec5f793 [OpenMP] split execution of a long test into smaller parts. by Artem Belevich · 19 hours ago
  62. d68a285 [BPI] Teach BPI about bcmp function bcmp is similar to memcmp by Dávid Bolvanský · 19 hours ago
  63. 61afdf0 [lldb] Enable inheriting TCC permissions in lldb-test by Jonas Devlieghere · 19 hours ago
  64. cf9588a Update AMDGPU testcases after bebe6a6449811e877f7eba3f1798ddd1fa83e440 by Jessica Paquette · 19 hours ago
  65. 9479197 [SLPVectorizer] Pre-commit a test for D85759 by Thomas Lively · 19 hours ago
  66. 7adf5bd [lldb] Look beyond the first line to find the PID in TestAppleSimulatorOSType by Jonas Devlieghere · 20 hours ago
  67. 2fc86cc [Flang] Fix release blocker issue #46931 related to documentation. by sameeran joshi · 20 hours ago
  68. 667843c [libc] Add strtok implementation. by cgyurgyik · 20 hours ago
  69. bebe6a6 [GlobalISel] Combine (logic_op (op x...), (op y...)) -> (op (logic_op x, y)) by Jessica Paquette · 20 hours ago
  70. d2c18b5 [NFC][llvm-objcopy] Fix redundant config checks. by Jordan Rupprecht · 20 hours ago
  71. 0dc5e0c [XCOFF][llvm-readobj] Move XCOFF test to XCOFF directory by jasonliu · 20 hours ago
  72. b9aaf32 Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFC. by Simon Pilgrim · 20 hours ago
  73. 2655bd5 [X86][SSE] combineShuffleWithHorizOp - canonicalize SHUFFLE(HOP(X,Y),HOP(Y,X)) -> SHUFFLE(HOP(X,Y)) by Simon Pilgrim · 20 hours ago
  74. 8dd2eb1 GlobalISel: Fix typo by Matt Arsenault · 20 hours ago
  75. eed19c8 [ORC] Move file-descriptor based raw byte channel into a public header. by Lang Hames · 21 hours ago
  76. 989d8dc [llvm-jitlink] Fix a file comment. by Lang Hames · 21 hours ago
  77. d8c1f43 [libTooling] Move RewriteRule include edits to ASTEdit granularity. by Yitzhak Mandelbaum · 21 hours ago
  78. d110d4aa [InstSimplify] Forbid undef folds in expandBinOp by Nikita Popov · 21 hours ago
  79. cb29c33 [clangd][ObjC] Improve xrefs for protocols and classes by David Goldman · 21 hours ago
  80. 645dd1b [libTooling] Cleanup and reorder `RewriteRule.h`. by Yitzhak Mandelbaum · 21 hours ago
  81. 8155cb2 Fold Opcode into assert uses to fix an unused variable warning without asserts. by Eric Christopher · 21 hours ago
  82. 45a4f4c [DWARFYAML] Teach yaml2obj emit the correct line table program. by Xing GUO · 21 hours ago
  83. fe1f369 [X86][SSE] combineShuffleWithHorizOp - avoid unnecessary subtraction. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 22 hours ago
  84. c135744 [lldb/CMake] Separate CMake code for Lua and Python (NFC) by Jonas Devlieghere · 22 hours ago
  85. 0dc4c36 AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Manually select llvm.amdgcn.writelane by Matt Arsenault · 22 hours ago
  86. cf71571 [flang] Allow compiler directives in more places by Tim Keith · 22 hours ago
  87. aa994d9 [NFC][LoopUnrollAndJam] Use BasicBlock::replacePhiUsesWith instead of by Whitney Tsang · 22 hours ago
  88. fa2b836 [GlobalISel] Add G_ABS by Jay Foad · 22 hours ago
  89. d4408fe [clang] Do not crash for unsupported fixed point to floating point conversion by Gousemoodhin Nadaf · 22 hours ago
  90. 956582a [Sema] Iteratively strip sugar when removing address spaces. by Bevin Hansson · 22 hours ago
  91. 1470ce4 [InstSimplify] fold min/max with matching min/max operands by Sanjay Patel · 22 hours ago
  92. bad205f [InstSimplify] add tests for min/max intrinsics with common operands; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 22 hours ago
  93. ea8c186 [InstCombine] add tests for pointer casts with insertelement; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 22 hours ago
  94. bae1517 [mlir] Add verification to LLVM dialect types by Alex Zinenko · 22 hours ago
  95. 91d59cb [X86][SSE] Add HADD/SUB support to combineHorizOpWithShuffle by Simon Pilgrim · 22 hours ago
  96. 0763055 AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Prepare for more custom load lowerings by Matt Arsenault · 22 hours ago
  97. 6cac661 AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix test bugs and add a few more cases by Matt Arsenault · 22 hours ago
  98. e973c13 [ELF] Move the outSecOff addend from relocAlloc/relocNonAlloc/... to InputSectionBase::relocate by Fangrui Song · 23 hours ago
  99. 73ca96e [ELF][test] Enhance x86-64-split-stack-prologue-adjust-success.s & non-abs-reloc.s by Fangrui Song · 23 hours ago
  100. dbc468d [split-file] Fix sys::fs::remove() on Solaris after D83834 by Fangrui Song · 23 hours ago