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Filesystem Access Tracer

This tool injects code into other applications in order to trace file accesses.


This can be useful for things like build systems, since it allows to automatically generate dependencies in a toolchain-agnostic way or to ensure declared dependencies match the real ones.


On Windows, type build.bat to compile fsatrace.exe and associated DLLs fsatrace32.dll / fsatrace64.dll. The build script assumes VS 2015 is installed, if that's not the case just edit it so it can find the correct location of vcvarsall.bat.

On Unix, type make to generate a object.


Make sure the .dll or .so files are in the same path as the executable and run:

fsatrace <output-file> -- <command>

Output format

Newline-separated sequence with the following possibilities:

  • w|path-to-file-opened-for-read
  • r|path-to-file-opened-for-write
  • m|path-to-destination-of-move|path-to-source-of-move
  • d|path-to-deleted-file