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Userspace eBPF VM

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This project aims to create an Apache-licensed library for executing eBPF programs. The primary implementation of eBPF lives in the Linux kernel, but due to its GPL license it can't be used in many projects.

[Linux documentation for the eBPF instruction set] (

[Instruction set reference] (

This project includes an eBPF assembler, disassembler, interpreter, and JIT compiler for x86-64.


Run make -c vm to build the VM. This produces a static library libubpf.a and a simple executable used by the testsuite.

Compiling C to eBPF

You'll need [Clang 3.7] (

clang-3.7 -O2 -target bpf -c prog.c -o prog.o

You can then pass the contents of prog.o to ubpf_load_elf, or to the stdin of the vm/test binary.


Please fork the project on GitHub and open a pull request. You can run all the tests with nosetests.


Copyright 2015, Big Switch Networks, Inc. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 <LICENSE-APACHE or>.