Contributing to libva

Libva is an open source project licensed under the MIT License

Coding Style

Libva does not have a defined coding style at this time, but that will be updated.

Certificate of Origin

In order to get a clear contribution chain of trust we use the signed-off-by language used by the Linux kernel project.

Patch format

Beside the signed-off-by footer, we expect each patch to comply with the following format:

<component>: Change summary

More detailed explanation of your changes: Why and how.
Wrap it to 72 characters.
See [here](
for some more good advices.

Signed-off-by: <>

For example:

drm: remove va_drm_is_authenticated check
If we do not use a render node we must authenticate. Doing the extra
GetClient calls/ioctls does not help much, so don't bother.
Cc: David Herrmann <>
Cc: Daniel Vetter <>
Signed-off-by: Emil Velikov <>
Reviewed-by: Sean V Kelley <>

Pull requests

We accept github pull requests.

Once you've finished making your changes push them to your fork and send the PR via the github UI.

Reporting a security issue

Please mail to directly for security issue

Public issue tracking

If you have a problem, please let us know. IRC is a perfectly fine place to quickly informally bring something up, if you get a response. The mailing list is a more durable communication channel.

If it's a bug not already documented, by all means please open an issue in github so we all get visibility to the problem and can work towards a resolution.

For feature requests we're also using github issues, with the label “enhancement”.

Our github bug/enhancement backlog and work queue are tracked in a Libva kanban.

Closing issues

You can either close issues manually by adding the fixing commit SHA1 to the issue comments or by adding the Fixes keyword to your commit message:

ssntp: test: Add Disconnection role checking tests

We check that we get the right role from the disconnection

Fixes #121

Signed-off-by: Samuel Ortiz <>

Github will then automatically close that issue when parsing the commit message.