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  4. process.cfg.template
  5. process_blending.cfg.template
  6. process_chromasitting.cfg.template
  7. process_denoise.cfg.template
  8. process_scaling_csc.cfg.template
  9. process_scaling_n_out_usrptr.cfg.template
  10. process_sharpness.cfg.template
  12. vavpp.cpp
  13. vppblending.cpp
  14. vppchromasitting.cpp
  15. vppdenoise.cpp
  16. vppscaling_csc.cpp
  17. vppscaling_n_out_usrptr.cpp
  18. vppsharpness.cpp

Video Processing feature test suites


This folder collect a set of VP examples to exercise VA-API in accordance with the libva project. vaapp is the basic app which you can use to check several features(CSC,scaling, denoise, sharpness,DeInterlace,skin tone enhancement,HSBC). The other sample app is the specific app just for one or two features tested. You can get the info from the app name, such as CSC,scaling, denoise, sharpness, chromasitting, 1:N output, usrptr, etc.


  1. In upper folder run, will produce the Makefile.
$ ./
  1. In upper folder, make the sample.
$ make
  1. The VP related sample will be produced in the videoprocess directory

How to run the sample

  1. The app para should be defined in the corresponding *.cfg file. Each app will have one related *.cfg.template for your reference,and the detailed para meaning is described in the file. you can create your *.cfg according to your usage.

  2. Copy the app and cfg file to the target machine and run.

$ ./vavpp process.cfg