Build dynamic library with a linux-qualified name

Fixes: #28

By convention on Linux if library is going to be linked against it should have:
 * real name, which is usually, x.y.z is a library version
 * soname which is, usually that's a symbolic link to real name
 * linker name which is, usually that's a symbolic link to soname
Building library without the above convention is applicable only if library is
supposed to be dlopen(), i.e. for drivers and similar things.

Since gmmlib will be linked against rahter than dlopen-ed it should qualify to
the above Linux convention. This fix makes exactly that. CMake will automatically
create required symbolc links (soname and linker name).

This commit also bumps up the version of gmmlib.

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Signed-off-by: Dmitry Rogozhkin <>
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