Initial phase 3.

This is the first release of noto-fonts that includes phase 3 fonts in
the hinted/unhinted subdirectories.  The new fonts are Armenian,
Cherokee, and Hebrew.
Merge pull request #862 from dougfelt/release

Promote some phase 3 alpha fonts to release status.
tree: a8e1ebe29e39d7588c67882fe79fde0cccd1e2ab
  1. alpha/
  2. hinted/
  3. images/
  4. unhinted/
  5. verified/
  8. NEWS


Noto fonts

Noto’s goal is to provide a beautiful reading experience for all languages. It is a free, professionally-designed, open-source collection of fonts with a harmonious look and feel in multiple weights and styles. All Noto fonts are published under the SIL Open Font License (OFL) v1.1, which allows you to copy, modify, and redistribute them if you need to.

To easily preview and download Noto fonts, visit For background, technical details, and how to contribute, see the FAQ.

Have fun with Noto! — Google Internationalization Team