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// Copyright 2022 Google LLC
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package storage
import (
gax ""
iampb ""
// TODO(noahdietz): Move existing factory methods to this file.
// storageClient is an internal-only interface designed to separate the
// transport-specific logic of making Storage API calls from the logic of the
// client library.
// Implementation requirements beyond implementing the interface include:
// * factory method(s) must accept a `userProject string` param
// * `settings` must be retained per instance
// * `storageOption`s must be resolved in the order they are received
// * all API errors must be wrapped in the gax-go APIError type
// * any unimplemented interface methods must return a StorageUnimplementedErr
// TODO(noahdietz): This interface is currently not used in the production code
// paths
type storageClient interface {
// Top-level methods.
GetServiceAccount(ctx context.Context, project string, opts ...storageOption) (string, error)
CreateBucket(ctx context.Context, project string, attrs *BucketAttrs, opts ...storageOption) (*BucketAttrs, error)
ListBuckets(ctx context.Context, project string, opts ...storageOption) *BucketIterator
Close() error
// Bucket methods.
DeleteBucket(ctx context.Context, bucket string, conds *BucketConditions, opts ...storageOption) error
GetBucket(ctx context.Context, bucket string, conds *BucketConditions, opts ...storageOption) (*BucketAttrs, error)
UpdateBucket(ctx context.Context, bucket string, uattrs *BucketAttrsToUpdate, conds *BucketConditions, opts ...storageOption) (*BucketAttrs, error)
LockBucketRetentionPolicy(ctx context.Context, bucket string, conds *BucketConditions, opts ...storageOption) error
ListObjects(ctx context.Context, bucket string, q *Query, opts ...storageOption) *ObjectIterator
// Object metadata methods.
DeleteObject(ctx context.Context, bucket, object string, gen int64, conds *Conditions, opts ...storageOption) error
GetObject(ctx context.Context, bucket, object string, gen int64, encryptionKey []byte, conds *Conditions, opts ...storageOption) (*ObjectAttrs, error)
UpdateObject(ctx context.Context, bucket, object string, uattrs *ObjectAttrsToUpdate, gen int64, encryptionKey []byte, conds *Conditions, opts ...storageOption) (*ObjectAttrs, error)
// Default Object ACL methods.
DeleteDefaultObjectACL(ctx context.Context, bucket string, entity ACLEntity, opts ...storageOption) error
ListDefaultObjectACLs(ctx context.Context, bucket string, opts ...storageOption) ([]ACLRule, error)
UpdateDefaultObjectACL(ctx context.Context, opts ...storageOption) (*ACLRule, error)
// Bucket ACL methods.
DeleteBucketACL(ctx context.Context, bucket string, entity ACLEntity, opts ...storageOption) error
ListBucketACLs(ctx context.Context, bucket string, opts ...storageOption) ([]ACLRule, error)
UpdateBucketACL(ctx context.Context, bucket string, entity ACLEntity, role ACLRole, opts ...storageOption) (*ACLRule, error)
// Object ACL methods.
DeleteObjectACL(ctx context.Context, bucket, object string, entity ACLEntity, opts ...storageOption) error
ListObjectACLs(ctx context.Context, bucket, object string, opts ...storageOption) ([]ACLRule, error)
UpdateObjectACL(ctx context.Context, bucket, object string, entity ACLEntity, role ACLRole, opts ...storageOption) (*ACLRule, error)
// Media operations.
ComposeObject(ctx context.Context, req *composeObjectRequest, opts ...storageOption) (*ObjectAttrs, error)
RewriteObject(ctx context.Context, req *rewriteObjectRequest, opts ...storageOption) (*rewriteObjectResponse, error)
NewRangeReader(ctx context.Context, params *newRangeReaderParams, opts ...storageOption) (*Reader, error)
OpenWriter(params *openWriterParams, opts ...storageOption) (*io.PipeWriter, error)
// IAM methods.
GetIamPolicy(ctx context.Context, resource string, version int32, opts ...storageOption) (*iampb.Policy, error)
SetIamPolicy(ctx context.Context, resource string, policy *iampb.Policy, opts ...storageOption) error
TestIamPermissions(ctx context.Context, resource string, permissions []string, opts ...storageOption) ([]string, error)
// HMAC Key methods.
GetHMACKey(ctx context.Context, project, accessID string, opts ...storageOption) (*HMACKey, error)
ListHMACKeys(ctx context.Context, project, serviceAccountEmail string, showDeletedKeys bool, opts ...storageOption) *HMACKeysIterator
UpdateHMACKey(ctx context.Context, project, serviceAccountEmail, accessID string, attrs *HMACKeyAttrsToUpdate, opts ...storageOption) (*HMACKey, error)
CreateHMACKey(ctx context.Context, project, serviceAccountEmail string, opts ...storageOption) (*HMACKey, error)
DeleteHMACKey(ctx context.Context, project, accessID string, opts ...storageOption) error
// Notification methods.
ListNotifications(ctx context.Context, bucket string, opts ...storageOption) (map[string]*Notification, error)
CreateNotification(ctx context.Context, bucket string, n *Notification, opts ...storageOption) (*Notification, error)
DeleteNotification(ctx context.Context, bucket string, id string, opts ...storageOption) error
// settings contains transport-agnostic configuration for API calls made via
// the storageClient inteface. All implementations must utilize settings
// and respect those that are applicable.
type settings struct {
// retry is the complete retry configuration to use when evaluating if an
// API call should be retried.
retry *retryConfig
// gax is a set of gax.CallOption to be conveyed to gax.Invoke.
// Note: Not all storageClient interfaces will must use gax.Invoke.
gax []gax.CallOption
// idempotent indicates if the call is idempotent or not when considering
// if the call should be retired or not.
idempotent bool
// clientOption is a set of option.ClientOption to be used during client
// transport initialization. See
// for a list of supported options.
clientOption []option.ClientOption
// userProject is the user project that should be billed for the request.
userProject string
func initSettings(opts ...storageOption) *settings {
s := &settings{}
resolveOptions(s, opts...)
return s
func resolveOptions(s *settings, opts ...storageOption) {
for _, o := range opts {
// callSettings is a helper for resolving storage options against the settings
// in the context of an individual call. This is to ensure that client-level
// default settings are not mutated by two different calls getting options.
// Example: s := callSettings(c.settings, opts...)
func callSettings(defaults *settings, opts ...storageOption) *settings {
if defaults == nil {
return nil
// This does not make a deep copy of the pointer/slice fields, but all
// options replace the settings fields rather than modify their values in
// place.
cs := *defaults
resolveOptions(&cs, opts...)
return &cs
// storageOption is the transport-agnostic call option for the storageClient
// interface.
type storageOption interface {
Apply(s *settings)
func withGAXOptions(opts ...gax.CallOption) storageOption {
return &gaxOption{opts}
type gaxOption struct {
opts []gax.CallOption
func (o *gaxOption) Apply(s *settings) { s.gax = o.opts }
func withRetryConfig(rc *retryConfig) storageOption {
return &retryOption{rc}
type retryOption struct {
rc *retryConfig
func (o *retryOption) Apply(s *settings) { s.retry = o.rc }
func idempotent(i bool) storageOption {
return &idempotentOption{i}
type idempotentOption struct {
idempotency bool
func (o *idempotentOption) Apply(s *settings) { s.idempotent = o.idempotency }
func withClientOptions(opts ...option.ClientOption) storageOption {
return &clientOption{opts: opts}
type clientOption struct {
opts []option.ClientOption
func (o *clientOption) Apply(s *settings) { s.clientOption = o.opts }
func withUserProject(project string) storageOption {
return &userProjectOption{project}
type userProjectOption struct {
project string
func (o *userProjectOption) Apply(s *settings) { s.userProject = o.project }
type openWriterParams struct {
// Writer configuration
// ctx is the context used by the writer routine to make all network calls
// and to manage the writer routine - see `Writer.ctx`.
// Required.
ctx context.Context
// chunkSize - see `Writer.ChunkSize`.
// Optional.
chunkSize int
// chunkRetryDeadline - see `Writer.ChunkRetryDeadline`.
// Optional.
chunkRetryDeadline time.Duration
// Object/request properties
// bucket - see `Writer.o.bucket`.
// Required.
bucket string
// attrs - see `Writer.ObjectAttrs`.
// Required.
attrs *ObjectAttrs
// conds - see `Writer.o.conds`.
// Optional.
conds *Conditions
// encryptionKey - see `Writer.o.encryptionKey`
// Optional.
encryptionKey []byte
// sendCRC32C - see `Writer.SendCRC32C`.
// Optional.
sendCRC32C bool
// Writer callbacks
// donec - see `Writer.donec`.
// Required.
donec chan struct{}
// setError callback for reporting errors - see `Writer.error`.
// Required.
setError func(error)
// progress callback for reporting upload progress - see `Writer.progress`.
// Required.
progress func(int64)
// setObj callback for reporting the resulting object - see `Writer.obj`.
// Required.
setObj func(*ObjectAttrs)
type newRangeReaderParams struct {
bucket string
conds *Conditions
encryptionKey []byte
gen int64
length int64
object string
offset int64
type composeObjectRequest struct {
dstBucket string
dstObject string
srcs []string
gen int64
conds *Conditions
predefinedACL string
type rewriteObjectRequest struct {
srcBucket string
srcObject string
dstBucket string
dstObject string
dstKeyName string
attrs *ObjectAttrs
gen int64
conds *Conditions
predefinedACL string
token string
type rewriteObjectResponse struct {
resource *ObjectAttrs
done bool
written int64
token string