1.8.0 (2022-06-01)


  • securitycenter: Add compliances, processes and exfiltration fields to findings attributes. They contain compliance information about a security standard indicating unmet recommendations, represents operating system processes, and data exfiltration attempt of one or more source(s) to one or more target(s). Source(s) represent the source of data that is exfiltrated, and Target(s) represents the destination the data was copied to (9266276)

1.7.0 (2022-04-20)


  • securitycenter: Add connection and description field to finding's list of attributes (689cad9)

1.6.0 (2022-04-14)


  • securitycenter: Add iam_binding field to findings attributes. It represents particular IAM bindings, which captures a member's role addition, removal, or state (bb5da6b)
  • securitycenter: Add next_steps field to finding's list of attributes (19a9ef2)

1.5.0 (2022-03-14)


  • securitycenter: Add BigQuery export APIs that help you enable writing new/updated findings from Security Command Center to a BigQuery table in near-real time. You can then integrate the data into existing workflows and create custom analyses. You can enable this feature at the organization, folder, and project levels to export findings based on your requirements (35d591a)

1.4.0 (2022-02-23)


  • securitycenter: set versionClient to module version (55f0d92)

1.3.0 (2022-02-14)


  • securitycenter: add file for tracking version (17b36ea)

1.2.0 (2022-01-04)


  • securitycenter: Added a new API method UpdateExternalSystem, which enables updating a finding w/ external system metadata. External systems are a child resource under finding, and are housed on the finding itself, and can also be filtered on in Notifications, the ListFindings and GroupFindings API (c8271d4)
  • securitycenter: Added mute related APIs, proto messages and fields (3e7185c)
  • securitycenter: Added resource type and display_name field to the FindingResult, and supported them in the filter for ListFindings and GroupFindings. Also added display_name to the resource which is surfaced in NotificationMessage (1f5aa78)

1.1.0 (2021-10-11)


  • securitycenter: Added vulnerability field to the finding feat: Added type field to the resource which is surfaced in NotificationMessage (090cc3a)


Stabilize GA surface.


This is the first tag to carve out securitycenter as its own module. See Add a module to a multi-module repository.