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// Copyright 2023 The Bazel Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package syntax
import _ "unsafe" // for linkname
// FileOptions specifies various per-file options that affect static
// aspects of an individual file such as parsing, name resolution, and
// code generation. (Options that affect global dynamics are typically
// controlled through [starlark.Thread].)
// The zero value of FileOptions is the default behavior.
// Many functions in this package come in two versions: the legacy
// standalone function (such as [Parse]) uses [LegacyFileOptions],
// whereas the more recent method (such as [Options.Parse]) honors the
// provided options. The second form is preferred. In other packages,
// the modern version is a standalone function with a leading
// FileOptions parameter and the name suffix "Options", such as
// [starlark.ExecFileOptions].
type FileOptions struct {
// resolver
Set bool // allow references to the 'set' built-in function
While bool // allow 'while' statements
TopLevelControl bool // allow if/for/while statements at top-level
GlobalReassign bool // allow reassignment to top-level names
LoadBindsGlobally bool // load creates global not file-local bindings (deprecated)
// compiler
Recursion bool // disable recursion check for functions in this file
// TODO(adonovan): provide a canonical flag parser for FileOptions.
// (And use it in the testdata "options:" strings.)
// LegacyFileOptions returns a new FileOptions containing the current
// values of the resolver package's legacy global variables such as
// [resolve.AllowRecursion], etc.
// These variables may be associated with command-line flags.
func LegacyFileOptions() *FileOptions {
return &FileOptions{
Set: resolverAllowSet,
While: resolverAllowGlobalReassign,
TopLevelControl: resolverAllowGlobalReassign,
GlobalReassign: resolverAllowGlobalReassign,
Recursion: resolverAllowRecursion,
LoadBindsGlobally: resolverLoadBindsGlobally,
// Access resolver (legacy) flags, if they are linked in; false otherwise.
var (
//go:linkname resolverAllowSet
resolverAllowSet bool
//go:linkname resolverAllowGlobalReassign
resolverAllowGlobalReassign bool
//go:linkname resolverAllowRecursion
resolverAllowRecursion bool
//go:linkname resolverLoadBindsGlobally
resolverLoadBindsGlobally bool