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  1. material-icons/
  2. MaterialSymbolsOutlined[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].codepoints
  3. MaterialSymbolsOutlined[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].ttf
  4. MaterialSymbolsOutlined[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].woff2
  5. MaterialSymbolsRounded[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].codepoints
  6. MaterialSymbolsRounded[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].ttf
  7. MaterialSymbolsRounded[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].woff2
  8. MaterialSymbolsSharp[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].codepoints
  9. MaterialSymbolsSharp[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].ttf
  10. MaterialSymbolsSharp[FILL,GRAD,opsz,wght].woff2

This directory contains the Material Symbols font files; the older Material Icons (non-variable) fonts are at /material-icons.

The Material Symbols variable fonts offer weight, optical size, grade and fill variations (with grade and Fill being intended also for animated effects). Material Icons are the non-variable classic icon fonts.

The recommended way to use the Material Symbols font is by linking to the web font hosted on Google Fonts:

<!-- -->
<link href=""