Gonum BLAS GoDoc

A collection of packages to provide BLAS functionality for the Go programming language


  go get gonum.org/v1/gonum/blas/...



Defines BLAS API split in several interfaces.


Go implementation of the BLAS API (incomplete, implements the float32 and float64 API).

blas/blas64 and blas/blas32

Wrappers for an implementation of the double (i.e., float64) and single (float32) precision real parts of the BLAS API.

package main

import (


func main() {
	v := blas64.Vector{Inc: 1, Data: []float64{1, 1, 1}}
	fmt.Println("v has length:", blas64.Nrm2(len(v.Data), v))

blas/cblas128 and blas/cblas64

Wrappers for an implementation of the double (i.e., complex128) and single (complex64) precision complex parts of the blas API.

Currently blas/cblas64 and blas/cblas128 require gonum.org/v1/netlib/blas.