Plugin extensions

The following plugins are embedded within the core package (enabled when using the "default" preset configuration):

Other plugins are then available via the mdit_py_plugins.

``markdown_it.extensions`` is now deprecated and plugins have been moved to

They can be chained and loaded via:

from markdown_it import MarkdownIt
from mdit_py_plugins import plugin1, plugin2
md = MarkdownIt().use(plugin1, keyword=value).use(plugin2, keyword=value)
html_string = md.render("some *Markdown*")
.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.anchors.anchors_plugin

.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.footnote.footnote_plugin

.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.front_matter.front_matter_plugin

.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.container.container_plugin

.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.deflist.deflist_plugin

.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.texmath.texmath_plugin

.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.dollarmath.dollarmath_plugin

.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.amsmath.amsmath_plugin

.. autofunction:: mdit_py_plugins.tasklists.tasklists_plugin

myst_blocks and myst_role plugins are also available, for utilisation by the MyST renderer

There are also many other plugins which could easily be ported (and hopefully will be):